Leopold Pfaundler of Hadermur

Leopold Pfaundler of Hadermur (* 14. February 1839 in Innsbruck; † 6. May 1920 in Graz) was a Austrian physicist.

Pfaundler studied chemistry , physics and mathematics in Innsbruck, Munich and Paris. It attained a doctorate to 27. July 1861 and became to 23. March 1866 private lecturer in physical chemistry.

To 29. August 1867 he became a tidy professor for physics in Innsbruck. 1887 it became also real member of the Viennese Academy of Sciences. 1891 one appointed it as a professor for physics to the University of Graz.

Pfaundler succeeded it 1870 for the first time to produce a continuous electric current with the help of an electric motor. 1888 it designed a projector for Lissajous figures.

Pfaundler was one the founder of the Corps Rhaetia Innsbruck.

To 10. August 1910 was raised Pfaundler into the nobility and received to the surnames “from Hadermur”.


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