Leopold Stokowski

Leopold Stokowski

Leopold Stokowski (* 18. April 1882 in London, England; † 13. September 1977 in Nether Wallop, Hampshire, England) was an English conductor and Arrangeur of classical music.

Stokowski made a secret from its descent and its birth year - it is certain however that it was born in London and baptized after its Polish grandfather Leopold.

Originally organist, he became one of the most disputed, in addition, most successful conductors 20. Century.

Stokowski led roughly 2000 premieres and made themselves time life also as an editor particularly from works of Johann Sebastian brook a name, z. B. the famous Toccata and joint D-Moll BWV 565 for organ (after today's research however probably not of brook), which it help in the grossorchestralen garb overwhelming effect.

When “Klangzauberer” geschmäht celebrated and for its interferences in the note text or the original orchestra list, it became probably particularly by its co-operation in rolls of Disney film “Fantasia “the legend.

The pianist Glenn Gould, likewise a Exzentriker, called Stokowski one of the few conductors, whom he admired, and drew Ludwig van Beethovens 5. Piano concert with it up.

Stokowski was married with the actress Gloria Vanderbilt.

1979 were created the Leopold Stokowski Society. It made it it's duty to keep the memory of Stokowskis life's work awake to retain and again-publish its numerous music photographs.

writings (selection)

  • music For universe OF US. To Simon & shoemaker, New York 1943

film appearances

  • 1936 The bend Broadcast OF 1937
  • 1937 One dog-talk Men and A Girl
  • 1940 Fantasia (Fantasia)
  • 1947 Carnegie resound

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