Leopold V. (Austria)

Leopold V. (* 1157; † 31. December 1194 in Graz) was duke of Austria 1177 - 1194 and the Steiermark 1192 - 1194 from the sex of the Babenberger.

Leopold was the son of Heinrich II. Jasomirgott and its ByzantineMrs. Theodora Komnena as well as the father of Friedrich I. and Leopold VI..

Mainly its is reminded for the participation at the third crusade, where he zerstritt himself after some sources in Akkon, after others however in Askalon with the English king smelling pool of broadcasting corporations lion heart.On the home journey to England the king had to make 1192 due to adverse circumstances in Vienna station, where he was recognized promptly (the legend after at his Siegelring) and arrested in the suburb earth mountain (today to Vienna highway). For a while the king in Dürnstein had interned,then it became at emperors Heinrich VI. delivered. The immense ransom of six thousand buckets (!) Silver, corresponds 100,000 Mark to silver and/or. According to excessive quantities 25 tons silver (!), became the establishment of the coin in Vienna, for the building of a new and strongly extended Stadtmauerfor Vienna and the establishment of the city invests Viennese new city.

But the duke the Exkommunikation and the Interdikt of its countries acted by Pope Coelestin III.. This was apparently however not published. The Pope let place by the bishop von Verona conditions, under thosethe Exkommunikation to be again waived should. This belonged the release of English hostages, the return of the ransom and the duke to should with his people immediately into the holy country pull. There it should fight so long in the service of the church, as a king smelling pool of broadcasting corporations inShank was.

In addition, a second legend spinnt itself around Leopold: Its white weapon skirt is to have been red in the FE storage of Akkon by blood. When it removed its broad belt, a white strip was to be recognized. So the flag of Austria is to have developed.

To 17. August 1186 was negotiated the Georgenberger strong one, by which after the succession 1192 the Steiermark and central of parts of upper Austria were connected with Austria. This was the first step for the creation of the land complex Austria.

The conditions for the abolition of the Exkommunikation were not fulfilled yet, neitherHostages still the ransom were handed over, but was however already begun with the preparations to the cruise, when duke Leopold fell during a tournament of the horse and suffered an open leg break. Immediately thereafter he promised the minister from hard mountain that he in case of his recoverythe given conditions for the abolition of the Exkommunikation to fulfill wants. Shortly thereafter he explained also archbishop Adalbert II. of Salzburg its subjecting under the conditions of the Pope. Thus the Exkommunikation became by archbishop Adalbert II. again waived. Soon thereafter duke Leopold died to 31. December 1194in Graz at the consequences of its fall. He was church buried in the chapter house of the pin holy cross.


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