Leopold of meadow

Leopold of meadow, with full name Leopold of meadow and Kaiserswaldau (* 2. December 1876 in Glatz; † 11. January 1969 in Cologne) was a German sociologist. Its theoretical foundation (“relations teachings “) outlived it at the universities not for a long time. He is father of the literature scientist Benno of meadow.


Leopold of meadow completed its national economy study in Berlin and became 1919 professor for sociology at the straight again-created university Cologne. It held the first chair for sociology in Germany. At Institut for social research, created on the Adenauers' initiative, he was a director of the department for sociology. Its of it starting from 1921 published Cologne quarter booklets for social sciences exist as Cologne magazine for sociology and social psychology this very day. Until 1933 for a long time their secretary, he became 1946 president of the German society for sociology, which he reformed and into the international arena back led.


Leopold of meadow tried by its works to establish the sociology of the present as its own science detached of history, psychology and philosophy. It concentrated on the social relations between humans as „social processes “and the processes important for it as „social things “. Together with George Simmel it is considered as a founder of the formal sociology.


  • for the foundation of the society teachings, 1906
  • general sociology as theory of the relations conditions of humans, 1924 - 1927, 1933
  • sociology. History and Hauptprobleme, 1926
  • social conditions and classes, 1950
  • the fellow man and the Gegenmensch in the social life of the very near future, 1967
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