Lera Auerbach

Lera Auerbach
Lera Auerbach

Lera Auerbach (originally Russian Walerija Lwowna Awerbach/ВалерияЛьвовнаАвербах; * 21. October 1973 in Chelyabinsk, Russia) is a Russian Komponistin, Pianistin and an authoress living in the USA.

It was born in Chelyabinsk, a city in the Urals at the border to Siberia. Already as a child it appeared publicly as Pianistin. With 12 years it composed its first opera. Since that time from a concert journey 1991 into the USA it returned not to the Soviet homeland and lives in New York.

There it studied piano and composition to the Juilliard School as well as literature science to the Columbia University. 2002 put it down their concert exam at the college of music Hanover .

Auerbach debütierte in May 2002 in the Carnegie resounds, where she specified her Suite for violin, Piano and orchestra together with Gidon Kremer and the Kremerata Baltica. Since that time their piece is in each season in the Carnegie resounds represented. 2005 received outstanding Paul Lera Auerbach Hindemith - price Schleswig-Holstein music festival.

Auerbach belongs to the generation newer at most played composer. It sets the tradition of the virtuosen composers and pianist 19. and 20. Century away. Their music is characterised by their stylistic liberty and the connection of tonal and atonaler sounds.

Their works were played by Gidon Kremer, the royally Danish ballet, Hamburg ballet, David Finckel and Wu Han, Vadim Gluzman, the Kremerata Baltica, the orchestra Kanazawa and many different. As Solopianistin she is on as outstanding scenes as the large ones already resounds Muscovite of conservatoire, the Opera town center resounds in Tokyo, the Lincoln center in New York, the Munich Herkulessaal, the Oslo concert hall, the Symphony resounds in Chicago and that Washington Kennedy center arisen.

With a new performance of the royally Danish Balletts from cause 200. Birthday of Hans's Christian Andersen one Lera Auerbach co-operated for the second time with the Choreographen John new Meier . The ballet is a modern version of the classical fairy tale „the small sea virgin “and in April 2005 was successfully uraufgeführt.

In addition Lera Auerbach writes poems and Prosawerke in Russian language. 1996 received it from the international Puschkin - society the honor as „an authoress of the yearly “.

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