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Léros (also: Léro) is a Greek island in the Ägäi sea, before the coast of small Asia, and thatGulf of Mendelia, 53 km ² largely and up to 323 m highly. The island belongs to the group of the Dodekanes, southern Sporaden. The total population amounts to ~ 8000 inhabitants, principal place is Agia Marina transitionless connected with Platanos. The place crowned of the impressive fortress from that 14. Jh., builds from the Johannitern.

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as first inhabitants become the Karen, which Leleken, which mentions Phönizier and the Kreter with its leader Rodamantho, brother of the king Minos.During its stormy course by the Mediterranean area the Dorier settles the island Leros. After Homer Leros is to have participated together with the neighbour island Kalymnos in the Trojan war. Herodot reports in its works of a close political and mental exchange in addition, one moves trade relation toothe Ionern of Militos. In 5. Jh.v.Chr. Leros experiences a mental bloom. It is the time of the spöttischen poet Demokrit and the historian Feredikes.

After the Persian wars Leros places itself on the side of the Athener of federation. Grabstelen and coins from the time Alexanders of theLarge wise field gentlemen large on the presence and its army.Plutarch stressed likewise the decisive role of the situation of Leros in the navigation and refers to the shank of Julius Cäsar on the island Farmako in close proximity to Leros.

In thatByzantine period on the island magnificent Christian temples are built. Konstantin the large one includes Leros into the federation of Samos. At this time the castle and the church the nut/mother God are built as well as the castle of the Lepiden, which today under the name Palaeokastro admitsis and in a region is, where to today remnants of the Zyklopi wall remained. On the island valuable Monumente is from the Byzantine period like the earlyChristian temple in Partheni, which builds temples of the Hagia Barbara from elements, in thatRegion were excavated, like marble fragments, Kapitelle, Steinplatten and other materials of the antique city Leros, the temple of Johannes the theologian, the nut/mother God Gourlomata and the nut/mother God of the castle.

In Alinda in addition, in other areas of the island one found inserted curvatures “Tholaria” into the ground,those to all appearances monks as Unterschlupf served. In the year 1314 the island is taken by the Johanniterorden of Rhodos, which Leros governs the-poetically. 1523 reaches the Turks in the raid by the whole Ägais also this island. Despite extremely difficult conditions in the time thatTurk rule is nevertheless capable of of Leros to retain a kind independence. Like that it is not coincidence that with the outbreak in the year 1821 the inhabitants of this island belong to the Greek revolution to the Vorkämpfern.

1830 become in the Londoner minutes in the context of the agreement between Turks and Italiansthe Dodekaneskomplex in the exchange with the island transfer Eüboa the Italians. Accordingly the crew of the Italians follows in the period of 1912-1943. The whole island becomes a weapon camp. Fortress walls are designed of enormous importance and military mechanisms developed with a goal on Leros oneTo secure military base of the Italians in the Mediterranean area.

In Lakki the city is established on the new. Old buildings torn off over of new in Europe singular and for the period by extremely progressive architecture, to be replaced. Release in the Second World War after the surrender of the Italians,the army federation belonging, Greek the island. The crew of the Englishmen follows from two-year duration to in the year 1948 the island Leros together with the other islands of the Dodekanes with Greece is finally united.

Platanos Hagia Marina Panteli: The fortress Brouzi in the architectural style of the RomanPeriod is on the ruins of the antique city at the port entrance of the Hagia Marina. Lakki: The monument at the beach reminds of sinking the torpedo boat hunter “queen Olga” by Luftwaffe with an attack on 26 September 1943. Partheni: On a hill west of thetoday's airport found by assumption the archaeologist and by the inscriptions in addition, by the philological sources to judge itself, who is kind-badly from which only meager remnants received to temples of the goddess. Today there a small chapel stands. Systematic excavations are not made yet, however one found Stelen there from the brightistic epoch.


in a outstanding place, east the city, Apitiki on for instance 300m high one the castle of Leros on the bald summit of the hill, whatever castle the nut/mother God is called, is.The castle was built in the Byzantine period on the ruins of the antique fortress of Leros. Excavations brought antique graves from the 7ten Jh v.Chr. to the daylight. With hostile attacks by robbers and Piraten the population withdrew itself here to the protection. In calm andpeaceful times lived humans in the houses before the fortress. About 180 old houses from the time stand also today still abandoned and renovation-needily at this place. Inside the castle is the monastery the nut/mother God “Kira” (lady) (1300), with remarkable Fresken. Furtherthere a collection is by icons, manuscripts, Taufbecken and a Epitaph accommodated by archaeological, in addition, Byzantine-church interest. Regarding the icon the nut/mother God the narrations and people legends do not take an end.

monasteries and churches

old persons and churches worth mentioning on Leros are every now and then the churches Christi and the cross in the region of Platanos. From however larger historical interest the church of the holy Paraskevi is whereby it once around the Metropolis of the island acted. In Lakki is the church of the holy Johannes of the theologian alsooverwhelming mosaics from the 11ten Jh., which belongs to the probably most valuable on the Dodekaneskomplex. In the further surrounding field of Partheni lies the church of the holy Georgios from the 10ten Jh., which was designed with antique building material in all probability from the temple that kind-badly to come.In beach proximity in the north is the church of the holy Kioura or Matrona it due to the interesting fresco painting and old icons is worth to be visited. The church of the political prisoners was built protecting for the dictatorship between 1967 - 1974. In more directfrom Kokkali the chapel of the holy Isidoros lies. On rock in the sea one built. With the coast the rock is only connected by a cement path artificially put on by 50 m length. Beside rock at the sea-bottom one knows this very day the ruins oneantique temple see. The coastal road toward the south following one reaches the chapel the nut/mother God Gourlomata from the 14ten Jh which interesting Fresken after the region Gourna, in close proximity to Drimona exhibits briefly and with elements of a building of the antique ones was established. In thatClose one of the settlement Xerokambos lies one of the most beautiful chapels of the island. Geweiht is this pictorial chapel the nut/mother God Kavouradena (Kavouras= crab). It was built formally in the midst of the rock at the coast. The choice of the situation is not coincidental, but is based upon an oldPutting one after which Fischer after crabs looked for the icon the nut/mother God in a rock column there found. The somewhat laboriously accessible chapel is attainable over several stages in the midst of the rock. Preserve nature beach are in Hagia Marina, in Alinda, in Krithori, Panteli, Vromolithos, Partheni(Blefouti), in Lakki (Koulouki, Merikia), in Xerokambos and in the bay of Gourna (AG. Isidoros, Kokkali, Drimonas)

daily are offered flights, those approx. 45 minutes until Leros last. Further you can fly from Rhodos on several days in the week to Leros.

ThoseShip journey daily of jetty from over Patmos lasts 8 to 11 hours for the distance from 171 nautical miles. Shipping connections are available also from Kalymnos, Kos, Rhodos in addition, Kavala and Thessaloniki.

By means of the hydroskimmer and the Katamarans Leros becomes beyond the summer months alsothe islands Patmos, Lipsi, Kos, Rhodos and Samos connected.

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coordinates: 37° 8 ′ 48 " n. Break, 26° 50 ′ 31 " o. L.


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