Les Misérables (musical)

Les Misérables at Broadway (imperial theatres, February 2003)

Les Misérables is a musical of Claude Michel beautiful mountain (music) and Alain Boublil (libretto). The action is based on the novel the miserable ones of Victor Hugo.


1815, which pro log shows the dismissal to probation of the prisoner Jean Valjean from the punishing camp in Toulon, in which he spent the last 19 years, 5 years because of theft of bread and the remainder because of escape attempts. The police inspector Javert gives it his yellow passport, which betrays him as a convict on probation, and guesses/advises it to the parting to never forget it. Jean Valjean discovers soon, what this passport him provides for a life: One does not pay it only half of the usual wages, a lodging accepts it.

Only the bishop von Digne has compassion and accommodates him. The verb CCIT ores Valjean however, steals its silver from it, becomes however immediately imprisoned. But the bishop, who knows Valjean's past, stated, he gave and gives the silver to Valjean him in addition two silver Kerzenleuchter; then it admonishes to become it, decent humans. Valjean feels its internal change (which is with me) and decides to do, what the bishop him said and tears his yellow passport up.

1823, Montreuil sur more mer. At the end from the day sing to arms their song. The factory hands come. Among them a girl is named Fantine. It received a letter, which it would like to read. But another female worker entreisst it it and thus becomes admits that she has an illegitimate child. It comes to a fight. The mayor, Monsieur larva line, separates the arguing.

Which admits to this time only to the spectator is: Monsieur larva line is not anybody other one than Jean Valjean. But the actual conciliation it leaves to the foreman, who eliminates Fantine upright. Fantine sings from her past (I have dreamed long ago). But for their child, Cosette, which lives at a landlord family named Thénardier, must pay it the Thénardiers. It sells only its chain, then their hair. Finally you remain nothing more different, than to the prostitutes to go (light girls). One of its suitors, M. Bamatabois, which she rejected, indicates it. Javert, now supervisor in Montreuil sur more mer, is called, it comes to Fantines arrest.

But Madeleine/Valjean intervenes. It recognized the fact that Fantine is seriously ill and arranges that one brings it in the hospital. After it a misfortune happens briefly: A man is crushed almost by his car (The runaway cart). Valjean frees it. Javert remembers that he saw only a man, who was strong enough for such an act: A convict, who disappeared on probation, named Jean Valjean, whom he believes however arrested, it tells the genuine Valjean that there is a simple means to see, whether it is the true Valjean: It has a fire mark with its convict number 24601 on the chest. Valjean decides to give oneself to recognize in order to save the innocent ones (who am I) and proves its statements, in which he shows his chest and the number.

It flees from the court and comes in time to Fantines death into the hospital, in order to promise it to worry about their child. Javert comes, in order to arrest it. Valjean asks it by three days time, in order to get Cosette, but it does not believe Javert him that that is its project. He does not believe in an improvement of former evil authors. At the same time Valjean of the dead Fantine swears that he gets their child, and to Javert Valjean that it still kriegt it (the double oath). Valjean strikes down Javert and flees.

Still 1823, Montfermeil. Cosette is abused of the Thénardiers as a service farm servant and dreams during its work (in my lock). Mme Thénardier sends it outside to get water (if ham wa here). The tavern fills in the evening, it becomes clear that it is a bad hole (I am gentleman in the house). Valjean meets the ängstliche Cosette in the forest and captivates the Thénardiers that she may go with him (the trade). It leaves with its Montfermeil.

1832, Paris. The beggars of Paris sing in the Gossen over their wrong (looks). Revolutionary students, among them two named Marius Pontmercy and Enjolras, plan the barricade fight. Also Thénardier is with its gang in Paris. It wants, like all, alms of a man and its daughter erbetteln, which distributes very generously money under the arms. Its daughter Eponine flirts with Marius, of these runs by mistake against the daughter of the man and falls in love at first sight with her. Thénardier recognizes its alleged daughter in this man Valjean, is Cosette. In the following fight sees the number on Valjeans chest to Thénardier. Javert, now supervisor in Paris, comes. Valjean flees with Cosette, but Thénardier betrays him. Javert swears with the stars that he does not give up, until he arrested Valjean (star).

Marius asks Eponine, which is in love with him, which he does not know however, Cosette to search (Eponines errand). Then he comes into the ABC Café, where the students meet. There one verhöhnt it because of its love for unknown quantities. The students sing over their revolution (red and black the song of the people). In the meantime Cosette sits alone in the garden of its house in the Rue Plumet and thinks of Marius (already so long). Valjean comes and for the first time places it to it questions, which Valjean does not answer however. Then Marius and Eponine come. Marius goes to Cosette inside (my heart calls after you). Outside Thénardier and its gang come. They want to extort Valjean, because they know, who it are (the assault). But Eponine, which wants to protect Marius and Cosette, walk, in order to excite attention. Marius goes, when he sees that Valjean comes. This means that the men, who were there were policemen that Javert found it.

He decides the fact that he is no longer safe in France and wants to flee to England (the departure). Now all sing over the next day: Valjean over its hope to be able to live in security Cosette and Marius over its separation of disguising themselves Eponine over their dear grief, which wants to build for students now the barricades, Thénardiers is pleased about the Gemetzel, it promises itself profit, has decided Javert, and of spying the students (mornings already). Marius decides to follow the rebellion.

The students build its barricade, Javert receive the order to find the number out of enemies (Building the barricade). Eponine gets the order from Marius to bring a letter to Cosette it however by Valjean is intercepted, which reads the letter first. It it becomes clear that Cosette is in love. Eponine sings over its love for Marius (only for me) and decides likewise to go to the barricade. This is now finished (victories or go down). Javert comes back (Javert on the barricade), but now it from the road boy Gavroche is unmasked (we small ones). One removes it. Then Eponine climbs heavily hurt over the barricade. It became angeschossen and dies in Marius' arms (the rain falls).

Javert is bound now behind the barricade to a chair, then a man comes to the insurgent ones. It is Valjean on the barricade. It wants to protect Marius, since its Cosette loves it, but then recognizes it Javert. The first attack follows. Valjean shoots a protecting, which would have shot almost Enjolras. When Enjolras thanks it, Valjean asks him to be allowed to shoot Javert. Enjolras consents. But as soon as it is unobserved, Valjean Javert releases and shoots into air, in order to let all believe, he killed Javert. The rebels put for sleeping (drinks with me). Only Valjean prays for Marius (bring it to home).

On the next morning them the cartridges go out. With the second attack Gavroche the hostile corpses bestiehlt and thereby is shot. Finally the last attack follows, in that all dies with exception Valjeans and Marius, which are however heavily hurt. Valjean flees with Marius by the sewers. Javert looks behind the barricade for Valjean, but he does not find him. He understands, where he fled, when he states that he does not have Kraft to raise the cover of drains which only the strong Valjean can create. It goes, in order to arrest it at the exit on the Seine.

In drains Thénardier the corpses bestiehlt. Valjean comes with Marius. Thénardier steals Marius' ring, but Valjean awakes, before he can bestehlen him, but Thénardier recognizes him. Valjean continues to itself drag with Marius. At the exit Javert waits. Valjean can induce it to give it time to bring Marius to the physician. Javert lets it go, understands only somewhat later, what he did. He sees no more way out, he his oath and all of his principles broke, he falls themselves into the Seine (Javerts suicide).

The women of Paris deplore the dead ones (far ones). In the ABC cafe Marius sings over its friends (dark silence at the tables). Cosette maintains it, Marius asks oneself continuously, who saved him (each day). Valjean confesses Marius, who it is and wants itself from its life intoxication-old (Valjeans confession). Marius promises it that Cosette will not experience anything. Marius and Cosette celebrate their wedding. Thénardier comes. It wants to extort now Marius with its alleged knowledge that Valjean is a murderer. To the proof it points Marius its own ring. Marius understands that Valjean saved him. It and Cosette go immediately to Valjean. Thénardier places the celebration on the head (beggar to the Buffet).

Valjean is now an old man. In the light of the Kerzenleuchter of the bishop it writes its confession for Cosette (Epilog). Cosette and Marius come, Marius thank Valjean, Cosette are frightened, when their becomes clear, which will die Valjean. To its death the spirit of all comes those, which died: Fantine, Eponine, Gavroche, Enjolras and the remaining students.


premiere at the 17.September celebrated performances “Les Misérables” 1980 in the palace of the sport, Paris. This Urversion was however particularly cut to the French public. Since the novel collecting main belongs in France to the general education, Boublil and beautiful mountain did without substantial parts of the action. The revised version, as it is today played, celebrated at the 08.Oktober 1985 premiere in the Londoner Barbican Centre. From there the piece transferred in December ´85 into the larger Palace Theatre. There it ran until 2004, before from cost reasons a renewed transfer into the Queens theatre was carried out. Broadway - premiere was at the 12.März 1987. After 16 successful years, which made “Les Miz” the musical with the third-longest running time at Broadway, the last curtain fell in New York at the 18.Mai 2003. To 21.10.2006 a Revival production at the New Yorker Broadhurst Theatre starts for 6 months.

In Germany “Les Misérables” ran in one particularly for the musical built building (theatre at the Marientor) from 1996 to 1999 in Duisburg, from the 8.April 2001 by July 2003 at the opera Bonn, from the 26.September 2003 up to the 31.Dezember 2004 in the theatre of the west in Berlin, since the 19.November 2005 up to the 3.Juli 2006 at the theatre Lueneburg as well as since that 22. December 2005 up to the 1. July 2006 in the city theatre Regensburg. The German translation comes from Heinz Rudolf Kunze.

Until today (conditions August 2005) more than 51 million humans saw the piece in 38 countries and 227 cities. It was translated into 23 languages. Under its more than 50 international honors 8 Tony Awards, the “OSCAR” are to the musical scene. “Les Misérables” was in the context of an appearance in Shanghai 2002 the first western musical, which was specified in China and was to find a durable place in Shanghai. Also it is the first piece, whose performance rights are available as special “school version”. This concept proved as extremely successful and the school version finds in the English-language area large Zuspruch. To the most remarkable events in the history of the musical belong:

  • a concert before 125.000 listeners to 26. January 1989 on the occasion of 200. Birthday of Australia in a park in Sydney
  • a Benefiz concert before 60.000 listeners in August 1989 in the Skydome of Toronto, Canada
  • the concert on the occasion of 10. Birthday to 8. To October 1995 in the Londoner Royal Albert resound
  • a special performance in the lock Windsor to 18. November 2004 in honours of the celebrations of the 100-jährigen of existence of the Entente Cordiale between France and Great Britain when desired Queen Elizabeth II. and in presence of of France president Jacques Chirac.

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