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second lieutenant as leaning word „lieutenant” around 1500 from the French into the German linguistic area came. lieu tenant meant in the French “governor”, the word trunk goeson the medieval „locum tenens” (= governor, deputy) back. In the Middle Ages each captain of a Fähnleins selected a Lokotenenten as its deputy. In this sense the word “second lieutenant” can be used also in German, in Roman languages is derived from it Tenente or Teniente.

Under the oldFrench kings was the lieutenant you Roi of the deputies of the king in the army or in a fortress. Napoleon I. renewed this in the meantime abolished title, by appointing the marshal Soult 1813 as a viceroy of the Pyrenäi peninsula the lieutenant de l'Empereur. Its Stief and adoptive son Eugène de Beauharnais made the emperor the viceroy of Italy. In French armed forces and numerous other armies the Unterleutnant ( Sekondeleutnant) ranks than lowest officer rank under the second lieutenant.


second lieutenant rank insignia
(medical officer candidate)

the current way of writing is in Germany only 1899 forthe military use arranged.

In the today's military arrangement the second lieutenant is usually intended as platoon leaders or a deputy company commander. It belongs to the grade category of the second lieutenants and/or. Subalternoffiziere.


the second lieutenant designates a soldier in the lowest officer rank in Germany with the German Federal Armed Forces. At the German navy this rank is called second lieutenant to sea.

Soldiers in this rank can give crews, NCOs without Portepee and NCOs with Portepee of instructions within the borders set by the superior regulation ( VorgV).

The second lieutenant „of the deputies” of the captain (first lieutenant “was military historical in former timesPremierlt. “= 1. Deputy; Second lieutenant “in former times Secondelt.” = 2. Deputy). In armed forces of some countries a comparable rank is called directly deputy. Thus likewise the rank is derived „lieutenant colonel” as the deputies a Colonel, and the lieutenant general (three-star general) as the deputies of the general(Four-star general - highest rank of the German Federal Armed Forces).

As a second lieutenant one is paid after A9 BBO.


with the German Federal Armed Forces regularly ends the training as the officer after 36 months with the transport from the cw2 to the second lieutenant.

Thus is mostly however only the troop-official traininglocked. So had e.g. beginning medical officers of the German Federal Armed Forces (like the civilian medical profession also) to for instance in the middle of 2004 still another one year's service as a second lieutenant - physician in the practical course (AIP) complete, before you can be promoted the license to practise medicine received and then directly to medical officer. With thatThe tooth medical profession of the German Federal Armed Forces was however different. Due to the civilian legislation needed this no AIP time to complete and directly from the cw2 to the medical officer were carried.

Today it is by the change of the license to practise medicine order and the adjustment of the careers by the change of the soldier career regulation different. Therea medical officer candidate quite six years needed to be promoted over to second lieutenant to make more attractive a rule transport after 36 service months was introduced around the career. This rank becomes up to the transport the medical officer, after existence 2. State examination, with the additive „SanOA” medical officer candidate leads.„AiP” there is not the additive any longer.

The German officer schools are in Dresden (army), prince-field-bridge (Air Force) and Flensburg - Mürwik (German navy); Command and staff academy of the German Federal Armed Forces in Hamburg Blankenese.


in Switzerland success the transport to the first lieutenant after “army 21” after completing the entire training asSecond lieutenant (inclusive the practical service dh. the Abverdienen in R-S) and 2 WK as a second lieutenant and/or. after 4 degree years as a second lieutenant. (Source: One must for regulation on the compulsory military service left for regulation) as a Miliz second lieutenant annually approximately 4 weeks service carry out (one week cadre before before, threeWeeks refresher course). Altogether a second lieutenant must, and/or. First lieutenant 600 service days complete up to the dismissal. An officer school of normally 15 weeks precedes the appointment as the Subalternoffizier, whose high point is the holding out exercise (under normal conditions eight to nine days). Likewise the 100-Kilometer-Marsch is however not contained,more all federations complete. At the artillery, the armored troops and the infantry he is however a still firm component of the target of an officer. The 100-Kilometer-Marsch is accomplished at a piece, duration approx. 24 hours.


in Austria is a second lieutenant likewise thatlowest officer rank, for which a 8-semestriges study is necessary in the course of studies military guidance at the Theresiani military academy in Viennese new city. Since it concerns thereby a specialized higher education, lock the cadets with the Sponsion to the Magister (FH). Different the training with the second lieutenant is that Militia, who with some maneuvers and examinations likewise to second lieutenant one promotes. This does not lock however with the Magister.

Further the use designation becomes a second lieutenant for leading officials (E1) of the executive in Austria, in addition federal police and law guard belong, during the basic training to the directionOfficials uses. Since it concerns with the awake bodies mentioned civilian bodies, which are organized after military sample only, it acts however not over „police officers”, but they lead only officer ranks as use designation.

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