Levi Eschkol

Levi Eschkol Schkolnik (* 25. October 1895; † 26. February 1969) was from 1963 on a third Prime Minister Israels.

Levi Eschkol was born 1895 in a small village in close proximity to Kiew (Ukraine). Levi Eschkols nut/mother bent the Hasidismus and its father the Mitnagdim too. Therefore Eschkol was traditionally educated. In the year 1914 Eschkol went to Palestine (at that time still part of the Osmani realm). He soon already became Freiwilliger in the Jewish Legion.

1951 were selected for the first time Eschkol as a member of the Mapai into the Knesset. 1963 became Eschkol David Ben Gurions successor as an Israeli Prime Minister. Under its guidance Israel took up 1965 for the first time diplomatic contact with the Federal Republic . It initiated also cultural connections with the Soviet Union. This made also the departure of a number of Jewish Soviet citizens possible. It played also a prominent role in the six-day war in the June of the yearly 1967. During the crisis it educated a government of the national unit and appointed Mo Dajan the Secretary of Defense. In addition it is well-known for the conversion of the national water system.

Eschkol died in the office at a cardiac infarct.

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