Lewan Kobiaschwili

Levan Kobiashvili

Levan Kobiashvili (Georgian ლევანკობიაშვილი; * 10. July 1977 in low-read, Georgien) is a Georgian football player and plays in the soccer federal league at present for the fiber plastic Schalke 04. Its position is in the centre zone, its back number is the three. After it had to deliver after its first season filters at Michael the Delura.

Kobiashvilis career began in the homeland with Awasa low-reads. Over Metalurg Rustawi, Dinamo low-read and for Alanija Wladikawkas changed it 1998 of Dinamo low-read to the sports club Freiburg and played there in the centre zone, particularly on the left outer orbit until 2003. Afterwards it changed to Schalke 04.

In its federal league career it denied 182 plays and obtained thereby 23 gates. In addition it denied 53 international matches and obtained four gates. It possesses a contract until 2010.


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