Lewi Pethrus

Lewi Pethrus, actually Petrus Lewi Johansson (* 11. March 1884 in Västra Tunhem, † 4. September 1974 in Stockholm) was a minister and initiator and director/conductor of the Pfingstbewegung in Sweden. It acre also one of the initiators and founder of the Christian-democratic party of Sweden.

Lewi Pethrus became as 13-Jähriger factory hand. it joined 1899 the Baptistengemeinde and began soon thereafter as Prediger to work. 1903 it gave its place up as a factory hand and pulled 1904 to Stockholm, where it was trained at the Betelseseminar as the minister. 1906 he became a minister of the Baptistengemeinde in Lidköping and 1910 of the Philadelphia meeting in Stockholm.

1907 had come Lewi Pethrus into contact with the Pfingstbewegung, whose teachings he took over. Its working in the Philadelphia municipality in Stockholm led 1913 to the break with the Swedish Baptistengesellschaft, from which it and its municipality were excluded. They based thereupon the first Pfingstgemeinde Sweden.

Lewi Pethrus became one of the most important persons in the Pfingstbewegung in Sweden.


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