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Lex Barker (* 8. May 1919 in Rye, New York; † 11. May 1973 in New York; actually Alexander Chrichlow Barker Jr) was an US-American actor.

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Lex Barker is a direct descendant of the founder of the Federal State Rhode Island, Roger Williams and a descendant of Sir Henry Crichlow, a historical governor general of Barbados.

During the school it was a good runner and Football - players on „the Fessenden School “and the renowned „Phillips Exeter Academy “. It visited briefly the Princeton University, which it left, in order to begin actor training, which led it to to Broadway, although it would have rather seen its father, if it its training as Civil engineer would have terminated, in order to take over the family-own enterprise. In „only my wife for sake sake “(Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, 1948) with Cary Grant and Myrna Loy he could use its knowledge as a Carpenter in a short Nebenrolle even practically.

Barkers training andthe looking plaything by the Second World War were interrupted. It announced itself voluntarily to the infantry in the army. It served in North Africa and Italy, thereby heavily was wounded and carried therefore as far as its end of life a silver plate in the head. it separated 1945 as a youngest major that US-Army from the service.

Little admits is that Barker flowing spoke German, French, Spanish and Italian except English also (although with accent) and a very well read and educated man was. He was occupied nevertheless in his career almost exclusively on the basis of physical criteria.

Itshe owed his first large main role to physically good condition and its good appearance as Tarzan (when successor of Johnny white Mueller) in Tarzan and the blue valley (1949), which admit it in the USA made. Further four Tarzanfilme and numerous Westernrollen followed inthe 1950er years.

1957 it for Barker more with difficulty to get good roles in Hollywood and it pulled to Europe, where it excited by a Nebenrolle in La Dolce Vita (1960) of Federico Fellini attention. But first Barker in moderate Italian Abenteurfilmen played. As beginningthe 1960er years the filmings of novels of the German author Karl May , remembered the producers „German as all Germans “looking American, who briefly before still in two doctor Mabuse /b< -> films had along-played, and occupied it as old Shatterhand and Kara of the Ben Nemsi lined up in numerous Karl May films.

Barker (1.93 meters) was first few enthusiastically to along-pass on in German films since they attained at that time internationally hardly meaning. Also it considered the relatively small budget of the Karl May films a little professional. Only by the Zureden of his Mrs. at that time Irene Labhardt signedBarker. The consequence was proper Karl May film hysteria in Germany and a cult around the leading actors Lex Barker and Pierre a Brice. Barker even received a Bravo - to star cut and became in press and society due to its still dazzling appearance gladly as „sexyLexy “designates.

The leather - costume, which carried Barker during the turning work, had been selected following its role as polishing with a leather trunk in the 50's. The belt, which Lex carried, was a gift of the Navajo< /b> - Indians to the family, the Lex from itsPrivate property contributed.

it received the Bambi to 1966 as a best foreign actor. Sometimes in the films appeared in Germany Barker was synchronized mostly by Gert Günther Hoffmann and Horst Niendorf or by Peter Pasetti or Reinhard Glemnitz. The substantial contribution to Lex' success inGermany carried however Gert out Günther Hoffmann by its unmistakable synchronisation.

Barker was altogether five times married, whereby he called the short marriage with Irene Labhardt the only large love of his life. Out of their marriage the daughter Lynne went (geb. 1943) and Barkers first sonAlexander (geb. 1947) out. Irene suffered 1963 from leukaemia and died, briefly after Barker had turned its first Karl May Western off the treasure in the silver lake. Its marriage with the actress Lana Turner, which of scandals, was substantially scandal-more pregnant overshadowed and which was favourite topic of the rainbow press. Itslast marriage with a Spanish Schönheitskönigin ended in an excessive divorce war, whose consequences protracted themselves to over its death.

Barker was on the picture monitor also in series like „F.B.I. “and „your order to see aluminium Mundy “(It Takes A Thief) and carrieditself with plans of an own TV serial, as it 1973, briefly after its 54. Birthday, in New York in the Lexington Avenue on open road at a heart accumulation died. The actor and passionate smokers liked once in such a way were only identified on the basis the engraving of his wrist-watch.The years before the aged actor to a large extent withdrawn mainly on its yachts had spent. Its last film was the Spanish film Aoum (not specified in Germany), which shows it as an aging actor reflecting over the life. Its life long had hoped Barker, one itto be able to turn and its schauspielerisches being able demanding film, what only succeeded with this the latter.

Its son Christopher Barker became likewise an actor and is active also as singers.


Lex Barker as singers

1965 took the composer Martin Böttcher with LexBarker of two music titles up:I am tomorrow on the way to you and girl in velvet and silk. Martin Böttcher wrote later in addition: „That could unfortunately hold no clay/tone “. Nevertheless the latter of the two titles is itself large popularity in particular with older ladies pleasedhave.


  • I is on the way to you/girl such as velvet and silk, 1965, single, Decca D 19,725 Winnetou
  • you was my friend, 1996, tomorrow CD, Bear Family record BCD 15,984 AH, (both music titles contain and alsothe singing achievements of Pierre Brice)


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