Lexa Doig

Alexandra L. Doig (* 8. June 1973 in Toronto) is a Canadian actress.

The somewhat exotic appearance of the Kanadierin is due to the origin of her parents. Their probably most well-known role has it in the Science Fiction - series of Andromeda. Their father originates from Scotland, while their nut/mother of Philippine origin is. The name Doig originates from the Scottish, Lexa is the Kosename of „Alexandra “. In the meantime it is with the actor Michael saves Shanks (admits as Daniel Jackson from star gate) married and brought their first child, Mia Tabhita, to the world. For Michael it is after act IANA its second daughter.

Before Lexa came to Andromeda, she had already some other TV-appearances behind itself. Thus it played among other things in Jason X, CI5: The new Professionals, Traders along and in addition participated it in William Shatners (Captain Kirk) TekWar as Cowgirl. One of their larger roles had it in NO alibi, where it had a main role as Camille. Later it played also a guest role in Earth: Finally Conflict. This should bring it then also a daily to Andromeda. This role in one „genes Roddenberry series “let the producers of Andromeda become attentive on it, thus received it the role as Andromeda/Rommie.

Already as a child it began in the theatre and gained there first experiences as an actress. Thus it started arsenic and Spitzenhäubchen in the theatre with pieces such as Romeo and Julia or also in the black comedy „“. Their first Filmrolle had it then at the age of 12 years in „Psycho Girls “.

With “The 4400 “, a Science Fiction series over of extraterrestial kidnapped humans it is as „Wendy Paulson “regular Darstellerin in the second Season.

In the ninth Season of star gate it plays the role „of the Dr. Carolyn Lam “, the leading lady doctor of the star gate basis.

further appearances

  1. Psycho Girls [1985]
  2. baby on board [1991]
  3. Tek was: The Movie [1994]
  4. TekWar: TekLords [1994]
  5. TekWar: The Series [1994]
  6. Jungleground [1995]
  7. … roofridge DO NO Harm [1997]
  8. Joe Torre: Curveballs Along the Way [1997]
  9. Face down [1997]
  10. While My Pretty One Sleeps [1997]
  11. CI5: The new Professionals [1998]
  12. Teen Sorcery [1999]
  13. code name Phoenix [1999]
  14. NO alibi [2000]
  15. The tracker [2000]
  16. genes Roddenberrys Andromeda [2000-2005]
  17. Jason X [2001]
  18. human cargo [2004]

guest appearances

  1. ready or emergency [1996]
  2. Traders [1999, 2000]
  3. Earth: Finally Conflict [2000]
  4. star gate SG1 [2005/2006]
  5. 4400 [2005]

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