Republic of OF Liberia
Republic of Liberia
Flagge Liberias Wappen Liberias
(detail) (detail)
Wahlspruch: “The love OF liberty brought US here “

German: „The liberty love led us this way. “

Office language English
capital Monrovia
system of government Präsidialdemokratie
head of state president inches Johnson Sirleaf
surface 111,370 km ²
Number of inhabitants 3.390.635 (conditions July 2004)
population density of 30.4 inhabitants per km ²
independence to 26. July 1847
currency Liberian dollar
time belt UTC
national anthem universe Hail, Liberia Hail
Kfz characteristic LB
Internet TLD .lr
preselection +231
Karte Afrika, Liberia hervorgehoben
Karte von Liberia

the Republic of Liberia (dt.: [liˈbeːri̯a],sometimes also Liberien; English.: [laɪˈbɪəɹɪə]) a state is in west Africa and borders on Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea, Sierra Leone as well as on the Atlantic. Liberia was first a project for the settlement of former afroamerikanischer slaves afterthe abolishment of the slavery in the United States and one of the first independent states on the African continent. Conflicts between former afroamerikanischen slaves and the native Ethnien coin/shape the country until today. After bloody civil war became with the democraticChoice of a new state State of the foundation-stone for the development of Liberia put.

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neighboring countries is the Ivory Coast, Guinea and Sierra Leone. Liberia lies in the southwest of west Africa and has an Atlantic coast. It lies mainly in the tropical rain forest zone, which was mostly gerodet.The inside of Liberia consists to a large extent of mountain country.


the largest cities are (conditions 1. January 2005): Monrovia of 939,524 inhabitants, Gbarnga of 45,835 inhabitants, Bensonville of 33,188 inhabitants Harper of 32,661 inhabitants, Buchanan of 25,731 inhabitants, Zwedru of 25,678 inhabitants and Yekepa 24,695 inhabitants.


about 3.3 millions Humans live in Liberia. It exists one of Afro Americans descending social class, which Kreolen or Amerikoliberianer are called. They make however only 2-5% for thatPopulation of Liberia out and are usually Christians. Approximately 20 Hauptethnien: zus. approx. a third Kpelle, 17% Bassa, 14% Grebo, 9% Gio, 9% Mano, 8% Vai, 7% Gola, Loma, Bela, Kru, Krahn, Kissi and Malinke (Mandingo). Besides live approx. 8,000 Lebaneses in Liberia. The population growth rate amounts to approx. 2% per year (estimation 2002)


Mande becomes in the west and the north of the countryspoken and Kru in the east and the south. The native language of 2,5% of the population, which are considered as descendants, of the released slaves backsettled from the USA, is English. Otherwise English is used as administrative language. Further languages in Liberia are Gola, Kpelle and. A.


the data concerning the religious affiliation of the Liberianer vary partly strongly. The following overview shows the range angebene in the literature:


major item: History of Liberia.

In the second half 15. Century reached Portuguese the coast of today's Liberia, without it to an investigation of the countrycame. In the year 1822 the American Colonization Society, a society of white US-American opponents of the slavery, bought to the coastal strip, in order to settle there former slaves already released and even colonial gentlemen become simultaneous. At the beginning of the American civil war lived thereapproximately 12,000 Afroamerikaner. The rule (seen social) of an artificial, black elite developing from it became only in April 1980 by a Putsch by Samuel K. Doe brutally broken. To 22. April thirteen representatives of the former government became, under it several Ministers andthe older brother of the set off president William R. Tolbert, shot. The country sank in the consequence increasingly in the chaos, until today not to be eliminated could and the entire region destabilized.

Doe was set off 1989, afterwards prevailed 14 yearslong civil war. After the armistice of the civil war parties 2003 was sealed, president Taylor left the country. Since that 16. January 2006 is inches Johnson Sirleaf selected president of Liberia.

Today the chances do not stand for a reconstruction badly:

  • became international approx. 420 millionEuro as development assistance made available.
  • Liberia is merged into many multinational communities.
  • probably the embargo of the UN will be waived shortly.

However the Pro-Kopf-Einkommen sank under 125 euro during the civil war; unemployment is with 85%.


The Republic of Liberia existing since 1847 is the secondaryoldest independent state of Africa. 1984 were accepted a new condition by popular vote, which follows like the preceding, closely the US-American model. It defines Liberia as präsidiale republic.

Fora six years selected president at the same time is thereafter head of state, head of the government and commander in chief of the armed forces. The legislation lies at the parliament, which consists of two chambers: The senate with 15 and the house of representatives with 64 selected delegates. White ones do not have right to vote in Liberia.

Since that 14. October 2003 is Gyude Bryant (Liberian Action party) chairman of the interim government (Chairman OF the Transitional national Government OF Liberia). Stellv. Chairman of the interim government is Johnson Wesley (national Democratic party OF Liberia).

The further Minister:

  • Secretary of Agriculture George Kammie
  • handels and Industrieminister Samuel Wulu
  • education minister Evelyn Kandakai
  • Ministers of Finance Lusine coming era
  • minister of foreign affairs Thomas Yaya Nimley
  • minister for Gender development Vaba Gayflor
  • Minister for health and social welfare Peter Coleman
  • Minister for information, culture and tourism--DOES NOT OCCUPY--
  • Minister of the Interior H. Dan Morias
  • Ministers of Justice Kabineh Janneh
  • employment minister Laveli Supuwood
  • Minister for country, mines and energy Willie Mulbah
  • Secretary of Defense Daniel Chea
  • Minister for national security --DOES NOT OCCUPY--
  • Minister for planning and economic questi0ns Christian harsh ore
  • Minister for post office andTelecommunications Eugene Lenn Nagbe
  • Minister for public work --DOES NOT OCCUPY--
  • Minister for rural development E. C. B Jones
  • transportation Minister Vamba Kanneh
  • minister for youth and sport Wheatonia Dixon Barnes
  • Minister of State for affairs of the president Jackson Doe

from the presidency elections from November2005 went to inches Johnson Sirleaf surprisingly clearly with approx. 59% of the voices as Siegerin out. With it it became generally accepted against altogether 22 candidates.

Further important political personalities:

  • Parliament president (national Transitional legislation assembly) The hone. George Dweh
  • governor of the central bank Elias Saleeby
  • Ambassador in the USA William bulletin
  • representative of the country with the UN in New York Lamine Kawah


  • National Patriotic party (NPP) - government
  • Unity party (UP) - opposition
  • Liberia Action party (LAP)
  • Liberian People's party (LPP)
  • Liberia UnificationParty (LUP)
  • national Democratic party OF Liberia (NDPL)
  • True Whig party (TWP)
  • United People's party (UPP)

trade union:

Liberian Federation OF labour union

administrative arrangement

Liberia is divided into 15 regions (Counties). These are (in parenthesesthe capital):

Bomi (Tubmanburg), Bong (Gbarnga), Gbarpolu (Bopolu), Grand Bassa (Buchanan), Grand Cape Mount (Robert haven), Grand Gedeh (Zwedru), Grand Kru (Barclayville), Lofa (Voinjama), Margibi (Kakata), Maryland (Harper), Montserrado (Bensonville), Nimba (Sanniquellie), Rivercress (Rivercess), River Gee (fish Town) and Sinoe (Greenville).



the economy of Liberia is characterized by large contrasts. That is on the one hand because of the climate of the country and on the other hand at the different ground condition. In addition, dependence to foreign financial sources carries toothe problems of the country.


somewhat more than 70 per cent of humans live on the agriculture, which is operated for self-sufficiency. Usually one works in the Brandrodungsbau, that not only to the leaching of the soils andto the destruction of valuable forest stands contributes, but also is suitable to establish a production for the market. The Hauptnahrungsmittel are rice, Kassawa, bananas and sweet potato.

On the india rubber plan days against it high surplus is produced. After the iron ore india rubber is the secondarymost importantExport property of the country.

foreign trade

of export goods: Rubber, wood, iron, diamond, cocoa, coffee, india rubber and pineapple.


many navigation companies drive under liberischer flag, which particularly to thatfor low costs (no taxes over the fees of the registration outside) and the discretion of the authorities is appropriate. Thus Liberia, on gross register tons, based the second largest fleet of the world. The Liberian flag is besides one the safest in the whole world:In the relevant Rankings of the port state States of (U.S. Coast Guard), Paris MOU, Tokyo MOU) takes the fleet of Liberia always a point place, to a large extent far before the German flag.


1992 and 2000 the portion of the public expenditures was appropriate for public expendituresfor


  • national holiday: 26. July independence day
  • newspaper: Patriot, new Liberia (per government), Inquirer, news, Democrat (opposition)
  • sound broadcasting: ELBC (national), star radio (internat.), radioVeritas (kath. Church), DC 101.1 (privately)
  • television: DC TV (private)
  • journalists' federation: Press union OF Liberia (PUL)

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coordinates: 6° 32 ' N, 9° 45 ' W


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