Liberty Seguros Würth

Liberty Seguros Würth is a Spanish cycle racing team, which participates in the UCI pro route. Main sponsor is an insurance company. Sporty director/conductor of the ONCE - follow-up team is Manolo „Venga “Saiz. The team with wheels of the company BH is equipped.

After the Spanish Blindenlotteriegesellschaft ONCE 2003 had terminated the financing of the team, the sporty leader Manolo Saiz as well as most of the former drivers him remained faithful, and the insurer Liberty Seguros could be won as a new main sponsor. From US pos valley came Roberto Heras to the team.

The year 2005 began Under for Liberty Seguros Würth with some stage-wins with the route down, with the last stage occupied the drivers of the team the first five places, and the total victory went at Luis León Sánchez. With the route de France 2005 was the crew up to a stage-win of Marcos Serrano on the 18. Stage rather inconspicuously.

To 26. July 2005 announced Alexander Winokurow that it will drive starting from the season 2006 for Liberty Seguros Würth.

Table of contents

season 2006

successes in the pro route

Date running driver
11. March 6. Stage Paris Nice Andrei Kaschetschkin
28. April 3. Stage route de Romandie Alberto Contador

of successes in the Continental route

Date running driver
20. to 24. March Vuelta Castilla y León Alexander Winokurow

team 2006

Name birthday nationality
of Carlo Abellán 03. January. 1983 Spanien Spain
Dariusz Baranowski 22. June. 1972 Polen Poland
Carlo Barredo Llamazales 05. June. 1981 Spanien Spain
Joseba Beloki 12. August. 1973 Spanien Spain
Giampaolo Caruso 15. August. 1980 Italien Italy
Alberto Contador Velasco 06. Dec. 1982 Spanien Spain
Allan Davis 27. July. 1980 Australien Australia
Koen de Kort 08. September. 1982 Niederlande the Netherlands
David Etxebarría Alkorta 23. July. 1973 Spanien Spain
Sergei Yakovlev 21. April. 1976 Kasachstan Kazakhstan
Jörg Jak 23. July. 1976 Deutschland Germany
Andrei Kaschetschkin 21. March. 1980 Kasachstan Kazakhstan
Aaron Kemps 10. September. 1983 Niederlande the Netherlands
Daniel Navarro 08. July. 1983 Spanien Spain
Isidro Nozal 18. October. 1977 Spanien Spain
Aitor Osa Eizaguirre 09. September. 1973 Spanien Spain
Unai Osa Eizaguirre 12. June. 1975 Spanien Spain
Sérgio Paulinho 26. March. 1980 Portugal Portugal
Javier Ramírez Abeja 14. March. 1978 Spanien Spain
José Antonio Redondo Ramos 05. March. 1985 Spanien Spain
José Joaquim Rojas Gil 08. June. 1985 Spanien Spain
Luis León Sánchez Gil 24. Nov. 1983 Spanien Spain
Eladio Sánchez Prado 12. April. 1984 Spanien Spain
Iván Santos Martínez 18. February. 1982 Spanien Spain
Michele Scarponi 25. September. 1979 Italien Italy
Michael crowd 29. May 1986 Schweiz Switzerland
Marcos Serrano 08. September. 1982 Spanien Spain
Ángel Vicioso 13. April. 1977 Spanien Spain
Alexander Winokurow 16. September. 1973 Kasachstan Kazakhstan

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