Lida Gustava Heymann

Lida Gustava Heymann (* 15. March 1868 in Hamburg; † 31. July 1943 in Zurich) was a German Frauenrechtlerin.

Beside its work and life companion Anita Augspurg belonged it to the most prominent representatives of the civil women's movement. Radically and compromiselessthe two demanded fighter inside the woman right to vote.

Together with Anita Augspurg created Heymann 1902 in Hamburg the first German association for woman right to vote. Together with Augspurg it published from 1919 to 1933 in Germany the magazine “woman in the state”. 1933 left the convinced Pazifistin andGegnerin of the Nazi regime together with Augspurg Germany and never returned more.

Lida G. Heymann wanted to help “the women, from male rule to to free itself”. As well as with its considerable inheritance it furnished a woman center, to employed Mrs. a midday table offered a child stronghold and a oneAdvisory board. The moreover it created a koedukatives High School, professional associations for female commercial employees and for stage artists.

Into Hamburg she came with the law into conflict, when her against the treatment of the prostitute protested and the abolishment of the national regimentation of the prostitution demanded.


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