Dear novel

as dear novel in the broader sense is seen to each novel, whose central topic forms the love. Into the category of the dear novels thus classical author of the world literature belongs such as storm height of Emily Brontë or pride and prejudice of Jane Austen, just as newer works as Rebecca of Daphne you to Maurier.

Who speaks nowadays of dear novels, can refer to dear novels as a category of the trivial literature. Meant are then novels, which predominantly turn to a female public, follow in their structure mostly simple basic patterns and are present frequently in the form of booklet novels. Authors of dear novels adhere mostly to these defaults:

  • The novel must act of the love between two humans.
  • The end of history must be positively, i.e. the love of the two main figures must fulfill itself and the readers must of the fact be convinced that this love up to its death continues.

Dear stories of famous authors, who are often characteristic for a literary epoch, are literarily important.

The generation theory of the Germanistik means that each storyteller generation brings its own dear stories out. Storytellers of the recent generation call its works self-confidently dear novels. Those is

Current examples are the novel the Liebesblödigkeit of William Genazino, the narrations realms girls of Silke scrubbing man and the novel the latter days, now from January Drees.


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