Liesel Christian

Liesel Christian (* 16. April 1919 in Frankfurt/Main; † 15. August 1996 in Frankfurt/Main) was Frankfurt peoples an actress.

Liesel Christian stood already in the age of four years on the stage Frankfurt opera houses (today old person opera). After the attendance of the play school it was engaged at different stages, and. A. in Koblenz as well as Operettensoubrette in Heilbronn.

To end of war it returned to Frankfurt, where it and. A. in the Kabarett and at the national stage Rhine Main arose. Germany far became it admitsstarting from 1959 by their role as “Mamma” Hesselbach. Beyond that she was to be seen in numerous theatre and television roles, among other things in scene sequences as well as 1976 in the successful HR - production the winter, which was a summer (after the novel of the same name of Sandra Paretti).

1971 created it Frankfurt folk theatres, which led her up to her death. With numerous successful productions and appearance journeys, among them several times to Israel, it made the folk theatre a recognized institution. Their last stage role was the Mrs. Gudula in the comedy the fiveFrankfurt by Carl Rössler.

Liesel Christian deceased 1996 after a serious illness in its hometown Frankfurt/Main. The hessian Prime Minister at that time Hans Eichel appreciated Liesel Christian with the words: It coined/shaped the culture in Hessen considerably.You in honours became in Frankfurta part of the plant ring between the old person opera and the Eschenheimer gate in Liesel Christian plant renamed.

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