Lightnin' Hopkins

SAM “Lightnin'" Hopkins (* 15. March 1912 in Centerville, Texas; † 30. January 1982 in Houston, Texas) was a legend of the Country Blues guitar.

He learned the Blues in Buffalo, Texas, of blindly Lemon Jefferson and its cousin, which Country Blues singers Alger “Texas” Alexander, with which he was discovered by Lola Anne Cullum of Aladdin record in Los Angeles. He got his pointed name “Lightnin'" as it 1946 with the pianist Thunder Smith photographs made. SAM Hopkins took up for a great many disk companies (modern, Ace among other things). In the sixties above all LPs (Arhoolie, prestige) - usually with Schlagzeug and bass. It played with priority a akkustische guitar, which it strengthened with a pick-up electrically. 1964 participated “Lightnin'" Hopkins in the AFBF (American Folk Blues festival). A car accident in the 70's impaired its health, nevertheless tourte it in America and Europe. It played center of the 1960er on the new haven Folk festival with the Schlagzeuger SAM Lay. These photographs appeared partially. on Vanguard record. End of the 60's turned the documentary film producer Les blank the film “THE BLUES ACCORDDING TONS LIGHTNING HOPKINS” with Mance Lipscomb and the Blues Harpspieler Billy Bizor. Two years later 1970 a British film with Hopkins was turned: “BLUES LIKE SHOWERS”. it played 1976 with the new Orleans Blues & jazz festival - this appearance appeared partially on a double album.

“Lightnin'" Hopkins played usually in the kind of clay/tone E major on a standard-been correct guitar with a Daumenpick. It got sick in the 80's at lung and laryngeal cancer, so that it and others its appearance with the residents of Munich Blues and Jazzfestival 1981 to call off had and instead his cousin Albert Collins for it substituted.

SAM “Lightnin'" Hopkins played Piano and organ beside the guitar, which was apart from the singing its main instrument, also. It originated from a musical family: Zei older brothers Joel and John Henry were likewise Bluesgitarristen (in the middle of the sixties a LP appeared on ARHOOLIE). It affected above all Buddy Guy, Louis IANA talks, Arthur Hopkins, Wild Chet Butler and Jimmie Vaughan.

A Song designated after it became from R.E.M. on its album document publishes.

“Lightnin'" Hopkins 1980 taken up to the Blues resound to OF Fame.


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