Lily field

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base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Lower Austria
political district: District lily field (LF)
surface: 53.95 km ²
inhabitants: 3021 (census 2001)
height: 383 m and. NN
postal zip code: 3180
preselection: 02762
geographical situation: 48.0167 n. Break.
15.6333 o. L.
Municipality code number: 31407
of the administration:
Municipality lily field
Dörflstrasse 4
3180 lily field
official Website:
E-Mail address:
mayor: Harsh ore Schrittwieser
lily field, view to the pin

lily field is a municipality with 3.021 inhabitants and the district capital of the district of the same name lily field in Lower Austria.

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lily field lies in the valley of the Traisen in the Mostviertel in Lower Austria. The area belongs to the Voralpen.

The surface of the municipality covers 53.95 square kilometers. 78.33 per cent of the surface are wooded.

Katastralgemeinden are Dörfl, Hintereben, young gentleman Mr., lily field, Marktl, Schrambach, bar valley, frontevenly, hesitating brook.


in the antiquity was the area part of the province Noricum. Lying in the Austrian heartland Lower Austria divided the place the eventful history of Austria.

inhabitant development

after the result of the census 2001 gave it 3021 inhabitants. 1991 had the municipality of 2807 inhabitants, 1981 3014 and in the year 1971 3149 inhabitants.


mayor of the municipality are harsh ore Schrittwieser, vice-mayor Wolfgang Labenbacher (both ÖVP, office leaders is Oswald Herster.

In the municipality advice there is the following mandate distribution since the local council choice 2005 with altogether 23 seats: ÖVP 16, SPÖ 7, other no seats. The FPÖ is not represented, FOR was dissolved no more.

culture and objects of interest

of buildings

Nichtlandwirtschaftliche working places there

was economics and infrastructure in the year 2001 169, country and forest-economical enterprises after the collection 1999 52. The number of the employed persons at the residence amounted to after the census 2001 1341. The activity rate was 2001 with 45,34 per cent.

sons and daughters of the city

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