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Karte Norwegens, Lage von Lillehammer hervorgehoben
base data
Fylke: Oppland
region: Hedemark
Surface: 477 km ²
inhabitants: 25.070 (2004)
postal zip code: 2600
local arrangement: Centrum, Fåberg, Nordre Ål, Søre Ål, Roterud, Rudsbygd, Saksumdal, Vingar, Vingrom,
mayor: Synnøve Brenden Klemetrud (Ap)

coordinates: 61° 07 ' n. Break, 10° 27 ' o. L.
Lillehammer is a city in Norway. It is to approximately 180 km north the capital because of the north bank of the Mjøsa lake in the mountain valley Gudbrandsdalen. It became with the adjustment olympic winter plays of the 1994 world-wide admits.

Beside the olympicCenters and the Norwegian olympic museum are there a number of further objects of interest:

  • The Storgata is the pedestrian precinct of the city, admits by its color-glad timber buildings
  • May striking gene is the largest open air museum in Norway, with 185 buildings
  • in direct proximity of the city is several skiing areas, among other things Hafjelland Sjusjøen

the municipality Lillehammer is 477 km ² largely, has a north south expansion of 25,6 km and an east west expansion of 37,9 km. Beside the city Lillehammer are to be found in the municipality Lillehammer with Fåberg and Jørstadmoen also different larger settlements. The highest collection in thisMunicipality is fjell in the Never with a height of 1089 meters.

The first Erwähnug Lillehammers is in the Saga over Håkon Håkonsson, according to which the Birkebeiner would have stayed there in the winter 1204/1205, before they had pulled over the mountains after Østerdalen. To this large actremind today the national Sportveranstaltungen Birkebeinerløypet (area long run from Storåsen to Lillehammer, 21.3 km, annually in September, for the first time 1998), Birkebeinerrennet (area ski long run between Rena and Lillehammer, 54 km in the classical style, annually in March, for the first time 1932) and Birkebeinerrittet (Radrennen area from Rena to Mål, 88 km, annuallyin August, for the first time 2000). In addition a Pergament exists, in which a Thing is mentioned of 1390 in “Lithlæ Hamars kirku guard”.

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