Lilly cup

Lilly cup (geb. Korpus, * 27. January 1901 in Nuremberg, † 20. September 1978 in Berlin) was a German authoress and Publizistin.

Cup visited 1915 to 1918 the High School in Munich and completed until 1919 a language study at the University of Heidelberg. 1919 joined it the KPD . She worked at the dolphin publishing house Munich, at Ullstein and 1921 for the newspaper “red flag “in Berlin. 1922 - 23 was them woman chief of the KPD Berlin Neukölln. 1924 to 1926 led it the woman Mrs. “the female worker” created by it and were then to 1933 lector and talking document urine of the new German publishing house. Besides it was 1932 - 33 chief talking document urine of the “workers pictorial newspaper “.

1933 34 lived it in Vienna and was then until 1936 woman employee of the publishing house edition you Carrefour in Paris. Here she learned also its later married man Johannes R. Cups know. 1936 published it the first documentation over the pursuit of the Jews in the national socialism under the title “the yellow mark”. Until 1945 it lived international literature” then as a translator of the state publishing house in Moscow and worked beside it for the magazine “, the German department Muscovites of broadcast and the national committee free Germany.

After its return to Germany it joined the SED . It was 1945 to 1950 chief talking document urine of the “new citizens of Berlin pictorial “(NBI). After the death of its man Johannes R. Cup 1958 led it archives designated after it at the academy of the arts.

Cup was distinguished 1961 and 1971 with the patriotic earnings/service medal, 1969 with the banner of the work and 1976 with the honour clip to the patriotic earnings/service medal.


  • “red signals. Poems and songs " (Hrsg). , Berlin 1931
  • “the yellow mark “(Hrsg.), 1936
  • L. Cup, G. Prokop “Johannes R. Cup. Picture chronicle of its life ", Berlin 1963

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