Lina Carstens

Lina Carstens (* 6. December 1892 in Wiesbaden; † 22. September 1978 in Munich) was a German film and Theaterschaupielerin.


Lina Carstens began its career as an actress before the First World War at the yard theatre Karlsruhe. It belonged to the Kabarett retort briefly during and after the First World War around the writer Joachim Ringelnatz . Up to its death 1970 it was married with the author Otto Ernst Sutter.

Up to, during and after the Second World War it belonged to different important theatre ensembles, for example the people stage Berlin or the Bavarian state State of Munich. She was in Konstanz the first nut/mother courage in the piece of the same name of Bertolt breaks on a German stage.

Since 1922 she worked also at the film. The director Douglas Sirk gave it starting from 1935 different main roles. After the Second World War it continued its career as a character actress, and it succeeded to receive also roles in the new German film so mentioned to it.

In that Second Channel of German Television - TV serial of the Bastian 1973 had it a role beside refuge Janson and Karin Anselm. 1972 received it the film volume in gold for their working of many years, 1975 it with the same honor for its darstellerische achievement in Lina Braake were honoured.

Besides she worked extensively as a Synchronsprecherin and borrowed among other things Margaret Rutherford (blockade in London), Françoise Rosay (the play was its curse), or Helene Thimig (decision before morning-grey) its voice.


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