Linda Fiorentino

Linda Fiorentino (* 9. March 1960 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the USA) is an US-American actress.

1985 took place their film debut at the side of Matthew Modine in Harold Beckers Crazy For You . Likewise 1985 played it an artist in Martin Scorseses the time after midnight.

Their role in Men in Black and further $1200 won it many different sources according to with the Pokern with the director Barry sun field.

Starting from the year 2001 it prozessierte two years long against the Czech film producer Karel Durka. Durka difficulties had had to organize sufficient financial means for its film project Till The ends to OF Time, in which Fiorentino the painter Georgia O'Keeffe play should. Fiorentino had had itself written a “no naked photograph clause” into its contract. However investors for Durkas project let themselves be won, if the film script several anzügliche naked scenes would be added. Fiorentino was not ready to do without the clause in its contract and stayed away from the set, whereupon Durka sued her because of breach of contract. Fiorentino answered with a counter suit because of Diffamierung and fraud and won the process finally in the summer 2003.

cutout from their Filmografie:

  • 1985: “Gotcha! A mad type "
  • 1988: “Wildfire”
  • 1989: “City of the players” TV-Zweiteiler
  • 1991: “Time table of a seduction”, “Shout”, “born in Queens”
  • 1992: “Chain OF the Irish”, “the other world of the law”
  • 1993: “Roses are dead”
  • 1994: “The Desperate Trail”, “Charlie's Ghost story”
  • 1995: “Mörderi Striptease”
  • 1995: “Jade
  • 1996: “Unforgettable” by John Dahl
  • 1997: “Men in Black
  • 1997: “The thick Vera” of Howard Franklins
  • 1998: “Body COUNT” by Robert Patton Spruill
  • 1999: “Dogma “of Kevin Smith with matt Damon and Alan Rickman
  • 1999: “A completely usual thief - Ordinary Decent Criminal” with Kevin Spacey
  • 1999: “A hot coup” with Paul Newman
  • 2000: “Good vibration - Sex of the other star “of Mike Nichols
  • 2001: “Liberty of conditions quiet - in the visor of the murderer” of Kari Skogland with Wesley Snipes

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