Lime tree road

Wolfgang Grönebaum and Annemarie Wendl („to Egon and Else sound “) at the day of the open door in Cologne Bocklemünd 1997

the lime tree road is a TV serial of the WDR and is considered as the first German continuous series.

The first consequence became to 8. December 1985 around 18:40 clock radiated. Since that timethe lime tree road runs weekly. The 1000. Consequence ran to 30. January 2005. Transmission place of the episodes - Erstsendung is since that 13. March 2005 always Sundays around 18:50 clock in first. Originally the series of Thursday in the main evening program should be radiated, therefore the actions play inthe rule also always on one Thursday. Exceptions are „holiday in such a way specified - the results “, for example such, which play to Easter or Christmas, in addition, on choice days.

As an inventor Hans's W is considered to the lime tree road. Geissendörfer, its company „Geissendörfer film and television production GmbH (GFF) “the series until today produces. With the first 31 consequences Geissendörfer led also direction. Meanwhile this changes after approximately. (Married man of Irene Fischer) and Dr. rehearses 10 consequences , momentarily between the five directors Herwig Fischer , Wolfgang franc , Kerstin ruffle, Dominikus. Susanne quarrels.

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window blinds

lime tree road 7 („mansion Dressler “)

the action plays in Munich, is turned in Cologne Bocklemünd (50° 58 'N 6° 51 ' O). On the there WDR Studiogelände the entire external window blind was almost developed as front mockup; within the range of the backyard of house No. in addition 3 found the small park with children's playground, often shown in the series, as well as the cemetery for the deceased road inhabitant place(whereby the latter became meanwhile too small; in the meantime cemetery scenes are turned also on a genuine cemetery). The majority of the window blinds are copied city hall fronts without each interior life. The Cafés „Bavarian “and „Moorse “, „the Aloisius Stub'n “, „the Humanitas “- shop, the travel agency and Urszulas hairdresser salon became due to large window areasand more easily observableness tapable equipped. Remaining interior trick take place in two of closed Studios, where all furnishings including the stairway were placed behind by means of adjustable walls; certainly not completely model-faithfully. Thus one arrives for instance from nut/mother Beimers kitchen out directly in the bathroom of Andy Zenker, the stairwayfrom house No. Akropolis hides itself 3 “behind the curtain of the stage of the Greek restaurant „. Also the individual dwellings are not structural drawing-moderately conceived. It does not seem to give basic walls. Often windows point directly to „neighboring building “.

The external window blind of the house line „Café Bavarian “was into thatfirst years of the series missing. Since the turning area is because of the motorway and was very high with sending deer of the noise levels, one decided to establish a noise protection wall and sketched equal the Kastanienstrasse to it. Relikt of this time is also occasional active traffic in the partthe Kastanienstrasse before „the travel agency Ehrlich “, although the road ends there after few meters at a large gate.

gossip and scandals

  • the lime tree road is the first German TV-series, in which a same sex kiss was to be seen (1990). That led to Censorship by the BR, which would not send this consequence.
  • Anna Nowak, who embodies the Urszula Winicki in the series, zierte 1999 the frontispiece of the German Playboys, which did not fit into the picture of some prüden spectator (see also criticism).
  • With the campaign „selectsGung! “the series brought up for discussion the topic foreigner right to vote; with the following election to the Bundestag some voting cards had to be segregated as invalid, because on them „Gung was “in addition-written and marked.

again and again also briefly scenes with current contents turn topicality the producers of the lime tree road after, in order to receive a certain timenear requirement before the radiant emittance date. Thus for example with the election to the Bundestag 1998 four versions were prepared over the exit. With the election to the Bundestag2005 purchase taken to the death of a direct candidate and the associated by-election in Dresden.


critics accuse Geissendörfer to abuse the lime tree road again and again for political propaganda. The characters of the lime tree road actually behave often politically very equivalent, party-movingfor left policy, which is determined of the 68er-Bewegung. Other political aspects, in particular by the family sound represented, often rather than amusingly or obviously negatively. Also with explosive political topics the figures of the lime tree road take again and again clearly position.


Active actors
actors Serienname since consequence
Domna Adamopoulou Elena Sarikakis 9
Anja Antonowicz Nastya Pashenko 1003
Liz Baffoe Mary Sarikakis,
born Dankor,
divorced sound
to 518
Jo Bolling Andreas „Andy “Zenker 220
Philipp Brammer January Günzel 947
Susanna Capurso Sabrina book staff 1015
Susanne Evers Suzanne judge 744
Irene Fischer Anna Ziegler,
born Jenner
Joris burr well-being Alexander „Alex “Behrend 781
Erkan Gündüz Murat Dagdelen 716
Ludwig Haas Dr. Ludwig Dressler 1
novel Haubner Fabian field man 1026
Willi Mr. Oliver „Olli “Klatt 234
Knut Hinz Hans Joachim „Hajo “Scholz 241
Hermes Hodolides Vasily Sarikakis 1
Beatrice cape Zurmahr Andrea Neumann 945
Joachim Hermann Luger Hans „Hans man “Beimer 1
Heinz Marecek Bruno Skabowski 910
Marie Luise Marjan Helga Beimer („nut/mother Beimer “) 1
Bill Mockridge Erich Schiller 301
Klaus Nierhoff Christian burner 847
Anna Nowak Urszula Winicki 249
Sontje Peplow Lisa hoping master 297
Franz Rampelmann Olaf sound to 387
Marianne Rogée Isolde Pavarotti
divorced Panovak
Harry Rowohlt bum Harry (Hartmut Rennep) 482
Moritz A. Sachs Klaus Beimer 1
refuge D. Enviously Hans's William Hülsch 115
Johannes Scheit Tom „tiger “Ziegler 191
Rebecca Siemoneit Barum Iphigenie „Iffi “Zenker 220
Gunnar Solka Peter „Lotti “Lottmann 979
Andrea Spatzek Gabriele „Gabi “Zenker,
born Skabowski,
did not verwitwete Carpenter
Julia strongly Sarah Ziegler 103
Amorn Surangkanjanajai Gung Pham 4
Jacqueline Svilarov Nina Beimer,
born Zöllig
Ulrike C. Tscharre Marion Beimer (second Darstellerin) 810
Sara Turchetto Marcella Varese 579
George Uecker Carsten Flöter 6
Margret van Munster Rosemarie „Rosi “cook 157
Giselle Vesco Hildegard „Hilde “Scholz 772
Urs Villiger Julian Hagen 1000
Claus Vinçon George „Käthe “Eschweiler 575
Cosima Viola Jaqueline „Jack “Aichinger 808
Sybille Waury Tanja sign farmhand 2
To Birgitta Weizenegger Ines sound,
born shopkeepers,
divorced Reitmaier
Annemarie Wendl Else sound
to door to 28. May 2006 <ref> West German broadcast: The end of a legend on [11.04.2006]< /ref>
Moritz Zielke Moritz „Momo “sparrow of 346
separated actors
actors Serienname consequences
Inga Abel Dr. EH Maria sparrow 344-766
Brigitte Annessy Dominique Mourrait 162-934
Markus Anton Mikis Houeris 923-1030
Martin arm farmhand Robert angel 104-364
Fritz Bachschmidt God-dear Griese 1-159
Selma Baldursson Meike sign farmhand 2-84
Johanna Bassermann Philomena „Philo “Bennarsch 1-115
Ina white lead Marion Beimer (first Darstellerin) 1985 - 1993
Natascha Bonn man Pia Lorenz 678-964
Franz brown living Siegfried „Sigi “Kronmayr 1-46
Tilli Breidenbach Lydia Nolte (first Darstellerin) 1985 - 1993
Hanna castle joke Elizabeth Birkhahn 568-853
Ceren Dal Canan Dagdelen 1998 - 2000
Michael Dillschnitter Christoph Bogner 235-400
Fritz Egger Stephan Kettner 937-968
Guido Gagliardi Enrico Pavarotti 137-556
Susanne Gannott Beate Flöter,
divorced Sarikakis
Raimund Gensel Franz sign farmhand 2-370
Giada Gray Pat Wolfson 489-934
Wolfgang Grönebaum Egon sound bold
to 1-656 Dagmar Hessen country Elizabeth Dressler
6-263 Christian Kahrmann Benjamin „Benny “ Beimer
1-520 Florian Köster David shopkeeper
792-914 Hans Werner sprag mountain Mr.
Backhaus Tilmar Heiko quantum 709-901
Reinhold lamp Oskar shopkeeper 792-1024
Michael Laricchia Timo Zenker 1990 - 1998
Arnfried lark Friedhelm Ziegler 100-295
Ines Lutz Franziska burner 798 -1041
Sigo Lorfeo Paolo Varese 301-898
Michael Marwitz briefly sparrow 384-750
Hasan Ali Mete Dr. Dagdelen 624-787
Ute Mora Berta Griese
born Nolte
Mark-olive Moro Felix Flöter,
born Vogt
720 - 1048
Philipp new farmer Philipp sparrow 346-911
Thorsten Nindel Franz Joseph „Zorro “Pichelsteiner 141-670
Marcus off Phil Seegers 14-949
Kostas Papanastasiou Panaiotis Sarikakis 3-794
Antonio Paradiso Fausto Rossini 571-839
Claudia Pielmann Elfriede „Elfi “Kronmayr,
born Hoffmann
Martin Rickelt Franz Wittich 95-965
Marlene Riphahn aunt Betty Schiller 577-610
Clelia Sarto Daniela Schmitz 581-701
Manja Schaar Carmen Altmann 842-911
Ulrike enviously Ute Weigel 684-983
Tanja Schmitz Kemmerling Julia of the Marwitz 484-565
Manfred Schwabe Matthias stone-bridge 64-507
Til Schweiger Joshua „Jo “Zenker 220-365
Dietrich Siegl Stefan Nossek 1-132
Stephen Sikder Rashid Daruwalla 902-1017
Nadine Spruss Valerie Zenker,
divorced Ecker
harsh ore stone-cutter Josef „Joschi “Bennarsch 1-50
Christine Stienemeier Maja Starck 684-982
Manon Straché Claudia Rantzow 229-491
Bernd of deaf Benno Carpenter 1-156
Anna Teluren Amélie of thatMarwitz 203–597
Nika von Altenstad Sonia Besirsky 474–635
Carlos Werner Ernst-Hugo von Salen-Priesnitz 123–597
Monika Woytowicz Henny Schildknecht 2–61
Robert Zimmerling Hubert Koch 160–549


  • Irene Fischer und Joachim Hermann Luger engagieren sich für Menschen mit einem Down-Syndrom(Trisomie 21), indem siein a poster campaign of the DS info. center participated. The slogan of the picture series reads:„Boy of men with down syndrome have sometimes only muck in the head. As all, which are straight in puberty. “As television parents of January Dominik Grünig, that with Trisomie 21 was already born and since itsfifth life month in the lime tree road the Martin, came the two actors with the topic down syndrome in contact plays. Joachim Hermann Luger was godfather second to 8. May 2004 in Frankfurt/Main taking place down Sportlerfestivals. For handling the topic „handicap “received thoseLime tree road in the year 2001 the life assistance - medium price Bobby.
  • As the only at present active actor Irene Fischer writes also film scripts for the lime tree road

to literature

  • Hans W. Geissendörfer and tungsten Lotze (Hrsg.): Lime tree road - 1000 consequences in word and picture.Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf publishing house, Berlin 2004, ISBN 3-89602-609-7



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