Lindsay Dave haven

Lindsay Dave haven
Country: The USA
residence: Laguna Beach, Californien, the USA
size: 1,89 m
weight: 79 kg
of play hand: right
professional became: February 1993
highest Ranking in the single: 1 (25. February 2002)
Single title: 51
earned prize money: $20.939.465
Grand Slam record
Australian open S (2000)
French open HF (1998)
Wimbledon S (1999)
U.S. Open S (1998)

Lindsay Dave haven [ˈlɪndzɪˈdævənpɔːɹt] (* 8. June 1976 in Palos Verde, the USA) is an US-American professional Tennisspielerin.

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sporty career

you triumphed to tournaments in three Grand Slam -: with US open 1998, Wimbledon 1999, when it defeated Steffi Graf in the final, and the Australian open 2000. In addition it won the gold medal with the olympic summer games 1996. Them were several marks the world rank lists - first in the single and doubles in the years 1998-2001. After a longer injury break it became at the end of of 2004 again the number 1. Dave haven won also three Grand Slam tournaments in the double: 1996 Roland Garros (French open), 1997 US open and at the same time 1999 with its single title Wimbledon. It was yearlyEND world rank list first in the years 1998, 2001, 2004 and 2005.

Their play coined/shaped of strong and platzierten basic impacts and its excellent impact - with its size of 1,89   m has it perfect lever forces. With the tournament in Tokyo in the year 1999 Dave haven created for example the feat not to deliver in their eighth final match against Anna Smashnova only one point with own service. By its size Dave haven moves not always optimally and does not stand always very well to the ball, which tries to improve it by weight loss and hard training (e). Also mentally it is considered as loadable, which its single and double title underline.

2003 married it the banker and former sportsman Jon Leach, the brother of the tennis professional and brief coach of Rick Leach. The wedding gave new upwind to the career and won Dave haven in such a way in the year of 2004 seven tournaments and set up an impressing series of four titles with four tournaments in four weeks. With these titles it was acted as a large Favoritin for the victory with US open following on it. Like it was so often stopped in the semi-final by an injury and failed to the later Turniersiegerin Svetlana Kuznetsova from Russia. It could not be impressed by this failure and replaced Amélie Mauresmo at the end of the yearly as number 1 of the lady world rank list. With 63 won Matches in one season it set up a new record.

By these successes motivated it started Australia open into the season 2005 and came with the first Grand Slam of the yearly, in the final. There only it had to give itself Serena Williams from the USA struck. Up to now it won two further titles (Dubai and Amelia Iceland) and stood in further two final (Tokyo against Maria Sharapova and Indian Wells against Kim Clijsters). With the latter tournament you succeeded a sensational 6:0 - to 6: 0-Sieg against world rank list second Maria at that time Sharapova. With the second Grand Slam tournament of the yearly, the French open, it came on their less sand lining in the quarter final, preferential of, and failed only to the later Finalistin Mary Pierce from France.

With the tournament in Wimbledon in June 2005 Dave haven defeated among other things Kim Clijsters, Svetlana Kuznetsova and Amélie Mauresmo. In the final it had - like so often - Venus Williams struck gives oneself (new edition of the Wimbledon final of 2001). In a high-dramatic portion it lost against the ingeniously up-playing American in three sentences with 6:4, 6:7 and 7:9. With one duration of two hours and 44 minutes it was the longest lady final game in the history of Wimbledon. Because of their back injury Dave haven also the participation had with the Fed Cup, at which called side off of Venus Williams, for the USA. After short break it tried to defend their title with the tournament from Stanford to, had however with the conditions of 0:5 with their secondary round portion against the German Anna Lena Grönefeld because of the back complaints arising since Wimbledon to give up.

In an interview she said: ” I knew that it would become a hard day. I did everything, what I could do. The pain comes and goes. I get permission to train for playing and then it flames. “Dave haven indicated, up to which US open would have appeared fit to become to want - even if it had to therefore call the starts off with two tournaments, with which it as a title defense. The meant to 22. August 2005 the loss of the first place in the world rank list at Maria Sharapova, whom it however already back-captured one week later - by a tournament victory in new Haven. Dave haven in the quarter final had to already bury hopes for a victory with US open: Catastrophic errors gave their Gegenerin, the half final introduction to the Russian Elena Dementieva - Dave haven had once more failed. To US open lost the American the top position Sharapova, which did not hold it however to show point tennis. In Bali it defeated 50 in the final Francesca Schiavone and their altogether. Single title could achieve it two weeks later in falling the city, where once more did not have to oppose the Französin Amelie Mauresmo to the strong service of Dave haven anything. After 2001 and 2004 already was this the 3. Success of the American before the gates of Stuttgart. On the way to the season final Dave haven inserted a stop with Zurich open. It was started five times, five times reached it there there the final. Three times it could decide the tournament for itself (1997, 1998 and 2001), only 2000 (against Hingis) and 2002 (against Schnyder) pulled it to the shorter ones. By the victory in the round of the last sixteen against the Slovak Daniela Hantuchova secured itself the American renewed and in-entire respected mounting of the tennis throne. However it had to fight for it - with 3:6, 7:5, 6:2 success had nevertheless to repel it in the second sentence two match balls of the Slovak. In the quarter final Dave haven had to go also against Francesca Schiavone over the full distance (6: 4, 4:6, 6:4), the semi-final against the Russian Anastasia Myskina dominated it however as desired (6: 0, 6:4). In the final it came to the new edition of the final game of 2002. Against Patty Schnyder won it 7:6, 6:3 and proved unite close situations nerve strength. Perhaps their Roger Federer gave, the No. 1 of the Mr. valuable Tipps? In the evening before the final the two took their Dinner together.

2006 could not bring Dave haven in so far yet completely large successes. With the invitation tournament of Hong Kong reached after victories over Vaidisova and Venus Williams the final (defeat against Clijsters), with the Australian open in Melbourne however was subject it already in the quarter final of the later Finalistin Justin Henin Hardenne. In Dubai it failed in the semi-final as a title defense because of Maria Sharapova. There she celebrated victory with a 6:0, 6:0 - against Elene Likhovtseva their 700. Victory. The tournament in Indian Wells restarted Dave haven with a 6:0, 6:0 against Ashley Harkleroad. Dave haven does not therefore only plan not to play in the year 2006 any more than 15 tournaments that crash in the world rank list is pre-programmed, but also of you takes into account. As long as it feels as Anwärterin on large titles, it will play, so the American. Their largest chances out on a Grand Slam success it figures with the tournament of Wimbledon. The European sand place season will this year probably let it fail - inclusive French open. A goal: An optimal preparation on Wimbledon.

And Dave haven is very politely described outside of the tennis court; it is in player circles likes and maintains with the press a” good relationship “. Contrary to some other Spielerin it gives also gladly and autographs to interviews.

title (83)

Putting one (single)
Grand Slam (3)
WTA Championships (1)
olympic gold medals (1)
animal I Event (11)
WTA route (32)

single (51)

No. Date tournament lining opponent in the final result
1. 1993-05-17 Luzern, Switzerland sand of NIC oils Bradtke (Australia) 6-1,4-6,6-2
2. 1994-01-03 Brisbane, Australia hard Florencia Labat (Argentina) 6-1,2-6,6-3
3. 1994-05-16 Luzern, Switzerland sand Lisa Raymond (the USA) 7-6,6-4
4. 1995-05-22 Strasbourg, France sand Kimiko DATE (Japan) 3-6,6-1,6-2
5. 1996-05-20 Strasbourg, France sand Barbara Paulus (Austria) 6-3,7-6
6. 1996-07-22 olympic summer games 1996, Atlanta, the USA hard Arantxa Sanchez Vicario (Spain) 7-6,6-2
7. 1996-08-12 Los Angeles, the USA hard Anke Huber (Germany) 6-2,6-3
8. 1997-02-17 Oklahoma town center, the USA hard Lisa Raymond (the USA) 6-4,6-2
9. 1997-03-03 Indian Wells, the USA hard Irina Spirlea (Romania) 6-2,6-1
10. 1997-04-07 Amelia Iceland, the USA sand Mary Pierce (France) 6-2,6-3
11. 1997-08-18 Atlanta, the USA hard Sandrine Testud (France) 6-4,6-1
12. 1997-10-13 Zurich, Switzerland hard Nathalie Tauziat (France) 7-6,7-5
13. 1997-11-03 Chicago, the USA carpet Nathalie Tauziat (France) 6-0,7-5
14. 1998-02-02 Tokyo (Pan Pacific), Japan carpet Martina Hingis (Switzerland) 6-3,6-3
15. 1998-07-27 Stanford, the USA hard Venus Williams (the USA) 6-4,5-7,6-4
16. 1998-08-03 San Diego, the USA hard Mary Pierce (France) 6-3,6-1
17. 1998-08-10 Los Angeles, the USA hard Martina Hingis (Switzerland) 4-6,6-4,6-3
18. 1998-08-31 US open, New York, the USA hard Martina Hingis (Switzerland) 6-3,7-5
19. 1998-10-12 Zurich, Switzerland hard Venus Williams (the USA) 7-5,6-3
20. 1999-01-11 Sydney, Australia hard Martina Hingis (Switzerland) 6-4,6-3
21. 1999-05-17 Madrid, Spain sand Paola Suarez (Argentina) 6-1,6-3
22. 1999-06-21 Wimbledon, London, Great Britain Grass Steffi Graf (Germany) 6-4,7-5
23. 1999-07-26 Stanford, the USA hard Venus Williams (the USA) 7-6,6-2
24. 1999-09-20 Tokyo, Japan hard Monica Seles (the USA) 7-5,7-6
25. 1999-11-08 Philadelphia, the USA sand Martina Hingis (Switzerland) 6-3,6-4
26. 1999-11-15 Chase Championships, New York, the USA hard Martina Hingis (Switzerland) 6-4,6-2
27. 2000-01-17 Australian open, Melbourne, Australia hard Martina Hingis (Switzerland) 6-1,7-5
28. 2000-03-06 Indian Wells, the USA hard Martina Hingis (Switzerland) 4-6,6-4,6-0
29. 2000-10-16 Linz, Austria carpet Venus Williams (the USA) 6-4,3-6,6-2
30. 2000-11-06 Philadelphia, the USA carpet Martina Hingis (Switzerland) 7-6,6-4
31. 2001-01-29 Tokyo (Pan Pacific), Japan carpet Martina Hingis (Switzerland) 6-7,6-4,6-2
32. 2001-02-26 Scottsdale, the USA hard Meghann Shaughnessy (the USA) 6-2,6-3
33. 2001-06-18 Eastbourne, Great Britain grass Magui Serna (Spain) 6-2,6-0
34. 2001-08-06 Los Angeles, the USA hard Monica Seles (the USA) 6-3,7-5
35. 2001-10-08 falling the city, Germany hard Justine Henin Hardenne (Belgium) 7-5,6-4
36. 2001-10-15 Zurich, Switzerland hard Jelena Dokic (Serbia & Montenegro) 6-3,6-1
37. 2001-10-22 Linz, Austria carpet Jelena Dokic (Serbia & Montenegro) 6-4,6-1
38. 2003-01-27 Tokyo (Pan Pacific), Japan carpet Monica Seles (the USA) 6-7,6-1,6-2
39. 2004-02-02 Tokyo (Pan Pacific), Japan carpet Magdalena mark EH (Bulgaria) 6-4,6-1
40. 2004-04-05 Amelia Iceland, the USA sand Amelie Mauresmo (France) 6-4,6-4
41. 2004-07-12 Stanford, the USA hard Venus Williams (the USA) 7-6,5-7,7-6
42. 2004-07-19 Los Angeles, the USA hard Serena Williams (the USA) 6-1,6-3
43. 2004-07-26 San Diego, the USA hard Anastasia Myskina (Russia) 6-1,6-1
44. 2004-08-16 Cincinnati, the USA hard Vera Zvonareva (Russia) 6-3,6-2
45. 2004-10-04 falling the city, Germany hard Amelie Mauresmo (France) 6-2 RET
46. 2005-03-05 Dubai, VAE hard Jelena Janković (Serbia & Montenegro) 6-4,3-6,6-4
47. 2005-04-04 Amelia Iceland, the USA sand Silvia Farina Elia (Italy) 7-5,7-5
48. 2005-08-22 new Haven, the USA hard Amelie Mauresmo, (France) 6-4,6-4
49. 2005-09-12 Bali , Bali hard Francesca Schiavone, (Italy) 6-2,6-4
50. 2005-10-09 falling the city, Germany hard Amelie Mauresmo, (France) 6-2,6-4
51. 2005-10-23 Zurich, Switzerland hard Patty Schnyder, (Switzerland) 7-6 (5) 6-3

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Tournament 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 Career
Australian open F VF 4r - HF S HF HF 4r 4r VF VF 3r - - 1
French open VF 4r 4r - - 1r VF HF 4r VF 4r 3r 1r - - 0
Wimbledon F HF VF - HF F S HF 2r 2r 4r VF 3r - - 1
US open VF HF HF HF VF F HF S HF 4r 2r 3r 4r 2r 1r of 1

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