Lion Feuchtwanger

Lion Feuchtwanger (* 7. July 1884 in Munich; † 21. December 1958 in Los Angeles) was an important German writer.

Feuchtwanger wrote after its study of history and Germanistik in Munich and Berlin theatre criticisms forthe magazine the looking stage published by Siegfried Jacobsohn. It created 1908 its own culture magazine “the mirror”, which was combined 1908 with the looking stage. From vocational reasons it pulled 1927 completely to Berlin. During a lecture journey by the USA it was surprised 1933 by the “seizure of power “ of the national socialists in Germany and did not return due to its Jewish descent not to its homeland. It lived 1940 in Southern France, was interned there, could over Portugal into the USA flee andlived then up to his death in California. Feuchtwanger was joint founder of the Aurora publishing house 1944 in New York.

Feuchtwanger wrote many novels, narrations, dramas and essays.

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  • the tönerne God, 1910
  • Jud sweet, 1925, a novel over Joseph sweetly Oppenheimer ISBN 3746656001
  • the ugly duchess Margarete Maultasch, 1922-23
  • waiting-room Trilogie these three novels sit downwith the arising of the national socialism and reactions to it apart.
    • Success. Three years history of a province, Berlin 1927-30 ISBN 3746656060
    • brothers and sisters Oppermann (earlier title: Brothers and sisters Oppenheim), Amsterdam 1933 ISBN 3746656079 - this novel describes pursuit to that, 1937-39 ISBN 3746650224 the everyday life and
    • the life of a German composer in the French exile describes Jews after the power delivery to the national socialists exile. The first unpolitical artist engages himself in the publishing house of an emigrant newspaper.
  • Josephus Trilogie, novels over thatJewish historical writer Flavius Josephus :
    • The Jewish war, 1931-32, ISBN 3746656028
    • the sons, 1934-35
    • the day, 1939-41
  • the wrong Nero, 1936
  • the brothers sound bag, 1941 Simone
  • , 1943
  • the foxes will come in the vineyard, 1944-46
  • Venice (Texas), 1946, New York, Aurora publishing house, edition 4,000
  • Goya or the bad way of the realization, 1951
  • fool wisdom or death and sea protest of the Jean Jacques Rousseau, 1950-52
  • the Jewess of Toledo (publication in West Germany: Spanish Ballade), 1952-54, ISBN 3746656214
  • Jefta and its daughter, 1955-57

auto+biographic writings

  • Moscow 1937, 1937, ISBN 3-7466-0168-1. Feuchtwangers view of the stalinistischen Soviet Union due to travel experiences
  • Unholdes France, 1942 (later “the devil in France”), ISBN 3-7466-5018-6, describes Feuchtwangers of experiences in France 1940 in a French notion camp, while the German front moves towards the camp.

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