Liselotte of the Pfalz

Liselotte of the Pfalz

Elizabeth Charlotte of the Pfalz (Liselotte - falsely also „Lieselotte “- of the Pfalz), (* 27. May 1652 in Heidelberg; † 8. December 1722 in Saint Cloud with Paris) was duchess of Orléans and sister-in-law Ludwig XIV.

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you became to 27. May 1652 in Heidelberg born and on the name Elizabeth Charlotte baptized, it was called however only Liselotte. Their parents were cure prince KarlI. Ludwig of the Pfalz and Charlotte of Hessen Kassel. Liselotte became 1671 from political reasons with the duke Philipp I. from Orléans marries.

When the Wittelsbacher line Pfalz Simmern expired 1685, reading plumb bob width units raised brother-in-law Ludwig XIV. against the inheritance contract requirement on the Kurpfalz and beganthe Pfälzer succession war. After the death by Ludwig XIV. became their son Philipp of Orléans - its man died 1701 before Ludwig - instead of the still minor king Ludwig XV.Regent of France - and thus Liselotte again the first lady of the state. Thisthem were already once of death Maria Anna von Bayern to 20. April 1690, the woman of the large Dauphin Ludwig, up to the wedding of the Dauphin Ludwig (duke of Burgund) with Marie Adelaide of Savoyen to 7. December 1697

Liselotte of the Pfalz (Paintings of Hyacinthe Rigaud)

to the children reading plumb bob width unit with Philipp the house Orléans decreases/goes back in male line, which with Louis Philippe, which “citizen king so mentioned”, in the year 1830 on the French throne came.

Letters reading plumb bob width unit of the French yard, with plastic descriptions of at that timeCustoms, were delivered. It wrote most of it her aunt Sophie, the cure princess of Hanover, and its half sister, the Raugräfin Luise to Pfalz (1661-1733); in addition, with Leibniz it corresponded. Altogether she is to have written estimated 60,000 letters into German and French,from those for instance a tenth is received.



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