To list of the motorways in France

the French motorway net (2005)

table of contents

A1 la Chapelle

- Lille length 214

km manages from the SANEF a2 A1
  • with Péronne -,
  • de to A9 A1


you north Paris havens , Belgium
  • length 85 km
  • managed of the SANEF (A1 - Cambrai), beyond that free of charge


of Paris havens de Bagnolet - A1
  • length 17 km
  • A4

autoroute de l'Est free of charge

Of Paris havens de Bercy - Strasbourg
  • length 480 km
  • manages EN Seine et Marne of

the SANEF A5 Vert Saint Denis - A31 with Langres
  • length 250 km
  • managed of the SAPRR

A6 E15 autoroute you south

Paris - Lyon Perrache
  • length 450 km
  • manages Lyon Perrache -

Marseille ( center) from

the SAPRR A7 E15 autoroute you soleil
  • length 314 km
  • provençale A7 manages with

La far les Oliviers -

Italy length 225 km manages of
  • the ESCOTA A9
  • la languedocienne (orange

- Narbonne of the ASF A8 la)/ la catalane (Narbonne - Spain)

A7 with orange - Spain
  • length 285 km
  • manages from the ASF

A10 to A19

motorway A10 in close proximity to Paris

A10 L'aquitaine

of Paris - Orléans - route - Poitiers - Bordeaux
  • branches between Rungis and Orly of the A6.
  • Length: South of 557
  • kilometers enterprises from Cofiroute to Poitiers, of it of “Autoroutes you one stands for south de la France” (
  • ASF) of two kilometers before the branch of the A11 the largest Mautstellen France, the “Barrière de Saint Arnoult.

A11 L' océane

of Paris - Le Mans - meadow - Nantes
  • length: , Manages 325
  • kilometers from Cofiroute (A.S.F. between Le Mans and meadow)


A13 (triangle Roquencourt) - Trappes.

A13 autoroute de Normandie (in former times “autoroute de l'Ouest”)

of Paris havens D' Auteuil - Caen.
  • Length 225 km
  • manages Paris normandy (SAPN) by the Société of the autoroutes.
  • Extension to Cherbourg planned, by-pass of Bayeux already openly.


Paris La Défense - Orgeval.
  • 16 kilometers long connecting piece in the northwest of Paris
  • contrary to other large city motorways partly duty requiring (free of charge for driving communities)


Villeneuve la Garenne (A86) - Cergy Pontoise.
  • Long, connection into the northwest of the region Paris on the right Seine bank A16 Paris


Amiens - Calais - you churches - Belgium (port A18 direction Brügge /Brussels)' Isle
  • Adam section of the coastal motorway 'autoroute you begins
  • 31 kilometers suffer-orally north of Paris in L.
  • Length: 311 kilometers
  • manages of the SANEF to Boulogne, north of it of the DDE.
  • In the section Abbeville Boulogne because of the strong wind from the sea often for camper bottom plates closed.


  • connects the A5 and the A6 between Sens and Courtenay
  • extension to north of Orléans planned

for A20 to A29

Verkehrszeichen Autobahn

A20 : L' Occitane

Vierzon (south of Orléans) - Montauban /direct connection Paris - Toulouse (over A10/A71/A20)
  • length: 425 km
  • duty-freely from Vierzon to Brive la Gaillarde (national route developed here). South manages and bemautet by the A.S.F.
  • Evasion of Montauban is not considered yet as motorway.
  • The A71 Orléans - Vierzon and the A62 Montauban - Toulouse is to be possibly slammed shut the A20.


Lens - Douai.


Lille (Lesquin) - Belgium


Lille (Lesquin) - Valenciennes.
  • Duty-freely

motorway project A24

Amiens - Lille (Lesquin) - Belgium
  • final route guidance is to be specified at the end of of 2006, to completion is anvisiert for 2013 to 2015.


Lille (Lesquin) - you churches.
  • Length: 60 kilometers
  • pointed name: Autoroute of the Ornières (trace groove motorway)

A26 autoroute of the Anglais

Troyes - Reims - pc. Quentin - Lens - Calais.
  • Length: 405 kilometers, vond it for SANEF manages. Runs by sections together with the A4.
  • Makes possible a direct connection of Calais direction east and southeast France without the Île de France (region Paris) to affect


Lille (Lesquin) - Tournai (Belgium)
  • connection to the Belgian A8 direction Brussels.

A28 :

Abbeville - Rouen (connection to the A13) and Alençon - Le Mans - (route)
  • target once normandy and the Loiretal connect, the distances Le Mans directly - route and Aleçon - Rouen are still in planning
  • overall length (target): 405 km


Beuzeville (connection to the A13) - Pont de Normandie - Le Havre - Neufchâtel EN Bray - Amiens - Saint Quentin
  • length: Manages 266
  • kilometers of west half of the SAPN, eastern half of the SANEF.
  • The Seine delta traverses with Le Havre over the Pont de Normandie.

A30 to A39


A31 with Uckange - Aumetz
  • length 20 km
  • duty-free; continued by the route national 52 to Longwy


A6 with Beaune - Luxembourg
  • length 350 km
  • manages of the SAPRR (Beaune - Toul), beyond that free of charge


A4 with Freyming Merlebach - Germany (Saarland)


A31 with Nancy - Hudiviller
  • length 30 km
  • free of charge; the route sets national 4 away


Reims - Charleville Mézières
  • length 75 km (planned)
  • duty-free


Illkirch - for Saint Louis - A3 Basel, Switzerland
  • length 202 km
  • free of charge

A36 la comtoise

A31 with Ladoix Serrigny - Mulhouse - A 862/A 5 Germany (Baden-Wuerttemberg)
  • length 235 km
  • manages of the SAPRR


A6 with Pouilly EN Auxois - to the west of Dijon
  • length 42 km
  • A39

autoroute free of charge verte

east of Dijon - A40 with Bourg EN Bresse
  • length 150 km
  • managed from the SAPRR

A40 to A49

all motorways of the 40's-number block are in the region Rhône Alpes and by the majority by AREA are managed.

A40 autoroute of the titanium (Mâcon - sp Julien EN Genevois)/ autoroute blanche

A6 with Mâcon - tunnel you Mont blank/Italy
  • length 104 km
  • manages of the SAPRR (Mâcon - barking guard) and of the ATMB
A40 with Saint Julien EN Genevois - A1 Bardonnex (Genève), Switzerland
  • free of charge (ATMB)
A40 with Etrembières/Annemasse - Thônex (Genève), Switzerland
  • free of charge (ATMB)


(Genève -) A40 with Scientrier - A43 with Chambéry (A41N)
(Chambéry -) A43 with Montmellian - Grenoble (A41S)
  • manages A42 Lyon -


with Bourg EN Bresse length 49 km
  • from the AREA
  • manages of the SAPRR

A43 (autoroute de la Maurienne)

Lyon - tunnel you Fréjus/Italy
common section with the A41 between Chambéry and Montmellian
  • managed of the AREA and of the STRF


projected western by-pass of Lyon (project given up)

A45 / A450

A7 in Lyon (Pierre Bénite north) - Brignais
  • length 8 km
  • section of the new connection Lyon - Saint Étienne; go with Brignais into the route national 86 over
    • the short section are designated non-uniform and carry numbers A45, A450, A457 and A74

A46 (east by-pass of Lyon)

to A6 with Anse - A7/A47 with Givors
  • length 65 km, consisting of three sections:
A6 with Anse - A42 with Nœud of the Iles - Lyon (A46N)
  • manages A43 free of charge of
the SAPRR Rocade Est de Lyon between A42 and A43 (
  • N346
) with Saint Priest/Manissieux - A7/A47 with Givors (A46S)
  • free of charge


(Lyon -) A7/A46S with Givors - Saint Étienne
  • free of charge; goes with Saint Étienne into the route national 88 over


(Lyon -) A43 with Bourgoin Jallieu - Grenoble
  • manages from the AREA; the numbering of the A43 sets away


(Grenoble -) A48 with Voreppe - Valence
  • manages from the AREA

A50 to A59

for A60 to A69

A70 to A79

A71 L'Arverne

Orléans - Clermont Ferrand


Saint Étienne - Clermont Ferrand.
  • Along the Loire
  • could direction Annonay/Valence be extended.

A75 La Méridienne

Clermont Ferrand - Béziers.
  • Alternative north south connection in central France to the discharge of the A6/A7 (shortest connection Paris Barcelona)
  • commencement of construction 1975
  • binds the central massif to the motorway net on
  • crosses the camouflage ravine on the highest bridge of the world, for the Viaduc de Millau.
  • Duty-freely up to the Viaduc de Millau
  • the 18 kilometers long last section of the motorway from Pezenas to Béziers (connection to the A9) is to be opened 2009. For the moment one must put still 9 kilometers back on a highway, come over of the A75 to the A9.
  • Length: 308 kilometers
of the Viaduc de Millau

A77 autoroute de l' arbre

A6 with Rosiers - Nevers - (Moulins)
  • since 1999 in enterprise
  • the old national route RN 7 extension
  • to Moulins replaces planned
  • along the “tree motorway” numerous trees was planted.

Motorway project A79 La Cévenole

  • is to go around outgoing from the airport Lyon Saint Exupéry first the region Lyon southeast and parallel to the A7 in the Rhône - valley by the Cevennen further to Narbonne to be led.
  • Planned routing: Valence Privas Ales Lodève, partly along the national route RN 106.
  • Realization [
work on] A80

to A89 [

work on] A90

to A99 [

work on] three-figure

motorways A104

la Francilienne , outside

  • motorway circuit around Paris /the Île de France
  • the western Ringschluss is missing unclearly

to A320

  • connection of the A4 Paris - Strasbourg direction Saarbruecken
  • begins/ends at the motorway interchange (échangeur) to Freyming - Merlebach
  • length: 19 km
  • free of charge, but the condition of the carriageway pavement is [work on
] sees also


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