List of the Israeli Prime Ministers

in the case of its establishment 1948 accepted the State of Israel a parliamentary system of government, with a prime minister (hebr. ראשהממשלה, Rosch haMemschala “head of the government”) at the point of the government and a president as a head of state with predominantly representative tasks.

With the introductionthe step-by-step selection of the head of the government 1996 its role was not strengthened, it was any more on the majority in the parliament - the Knesset - dependent. After the step-by-step selection did not work however, one returned meanwhile to the old system.

prime ministers of Israel (since1948)

The present prime minister is the elfte in this office. Four of these eleven were two coherent periods in the office.

Name assumption of office end of the term of office a party
1 David Ben Gurion 1948 1954 Mapai
2 Mo Scharet 1954 1955 Mapai
David Ben Gurion (2. Times) 1955 1963 Mapai
3 Levi Eschkol 1963 1969 (died in the office) Mapai *
4 Golda Meïr 1969 1974 a work party
5 Jitzchak Rabin 1974 1977 a work party
6 Menachem Begin 1977 1983 Likud
7 Jitzchak Schamir 1983 1984 Likud
8 Schimon Peres 1984 1986 a work party
Jitzchak Schamir (2. Times) 1986 1992 Likud
Jitzchak Rabin (2. Times) 1992 1995 (murdered in the office) a work party
Schimon Peres (2. Times) 1995 1996 a work party
9 Benjamin Netanjahu 1996 1999 Likud
10 Ehud Barak 1999 2001 a work party
11 Ariel Scharon 2001 2006 Likud, Kadima **
12 Ehud Olmert 2006 Kadima

(*) 1968 was received the Mapai with other parties a listing and a parliamentary group community under the name Ma'arach (union, also labour Alignment), which is the forerunner of the today's work party.

(**) in November 2005 Scharon withdrew from the Likud and basedwith several other former Likud members the new liberal a party Kadima.


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