Liturgical music

liturgical music is a form of the church music, which has a function in the Liturgie the church. Most religions use music , in order to arrange their liturgical operational sequence. The most well-known music forms in the Liturgie the catholic church are:

frequent brought the music out in the Liturgie forms, which were taken over later by the lay music (z. B. the Motette, or the Oratorium as musical model of the opera).

With the liturgical music the discussion accompanied whether the mixtureas holy regarded texts with the klanglichen presentation to the religious goals corresponded, since particularly with the development of the mehrstimmigen music the Sprachverständlichkeit suffered. A relevant discussion became in 16. Century by Giovanni Pierluigi there Palestrina with an exemplary connection of mehrstimmiger music and Sprachverständlichkeitterminated, whereby it acquired itself the title “rescuer of the church music ”.


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