computer-generated opinion of Lobatse

Lobatse, one of the oldest cities in Botswana with 30.883 inhabitants (conditions 1. January 2005), is of great importance for the native economy.

is appropriate for economics and

infrastructure this place in the crossover of important land and railway connections into the South African republic. Lobatse accommodates among other things an important branch office of the geological service of Botswana, which concerns itself with geology and Hydrogeologie.

Lobatse has the largest slaughterhouse within the southern range of Africa and exports meat into the neighboring countries as also into the European union, with which a trade agreement exists.

The slaughterhouse attached subsidiary gerbte the resulting animal skins and it existed into the years 1995 and 1996 a quite lucrative business with leather of each kind. This company had to stop their enterprise, since environmental-protection regulations were not kept. The problem was the cleaning of the waste water, since they were disposed uncleaned.

Coordinates: 25° 14 ' S. Break, 25° 41 ' o. L.


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