man-faithfully (L. erinus), blue sort.
Class: Dreifurchenpollen-Zweikeimblättrige
Unterklasse: Aster-similar (Asteridae)
order: Aster-well-behaved (Asterales)
family: Bellflower plants
Unterfamilie: Lobelioideae
kind: Lobelien
scientific name
Indian tobacco (L. inflata), illustration on charcoal burners 1887.
Cardinal Lobelie (L. cardinalis)
Lobelia tupa

the Lobelien (Lobelia) are a kind in the family of the bellflower plants (Campanulaceae). The kind was designated after the flämischen Botaniker and physicist Matthias de L' Obel (Lobelius) (1538 to 1616). (Syn. for the kind: Enchysia, Haynaldia, Isolobus, Laurentia, Mezleria, Neowimmeria, Parastranthus, Rapuntium, Tupa)

some kinds are ornamental plants for parks and gardens, when cultivates one year's summer flowers. Some kinds are “tuft trees” in high mountain regions in Africa.

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you have a world-wide spreading. Most kinds are tropical. They have an emphasis of the diversity of species in the Neotropis. 69 kinds are domestic in South Africa.


are krautige plants of several years or one year's, with usually change-constant sheets. They form often traubenförmige bloom conditions, also different bloom condition forms occur. The zwittrigen blooms are zygomorph and five-tough-lie. The deformed bloom crowning sheets form a zweilippige tube. The Fruchtknoten are under constant. They form cap fruits. The blooms are proterandrisch. Most kinds have very remarkably colored blooms. Many kinds (into the Anden the resident) are dusted by birds (hummingbirds), others by different insects (bees and butterflies). They have a white milk (poisonous and weak strike-provoking).


in the kind Lobelien (Lobelia) give it to 300 kinds (selection):

  • L. aberdarica
  • L. anceps
  • L. appendiculata
  • L. assurgens
  • L. berlandieri
  • L. boykinii
  • L. canbyi
  • cardinal Lobelie (L. cardinalis) (Syn.: L. fulgens, S. splendens, L. graminea)
  • L. chinensis
  • L. comosa
  • L. coronopifolia: Welfare end of effect reports.
  • L. dortmanna: Marsh plant in North America.
  • Man-faithfully (L. erinus): A popular patch and balcony plant in addition, are, from it welfare-end effects reported.
  • L. flaccidifolia
  • L. flaccida: Welfare end of effect reports.
  • L. gaudichaudii
  • L. gerardii
  • L. gibberoa
  • Indian tobacco (L. inflata): It smoked against asthma, by the high alkaloid portion is however deadly poisonous this kind.
  • L. kalmii
  • Mexican shrub Lobelie (L. laxiflora)
  • L. leschenaultiana
  • L. monostachya
  • L. nicotianifolia
  • L. niihauensis
  • L. oahuensis
  • L. persicifolia
  • L. pinifolia: It becomes as welfare plant against skin diseases begins.
  • L. puberula
  • L. pyramidalis
  • L. rhombifolia
  • L. rosea
  • L. sessilifolia
  • L. siphilitica: In former times with the healing by Syphilis one inserted.
  • L. spicata
  • L. tenuior
  • L. tupa
  • L. urens
  • L. valida
  • L. zeylanica.

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Lobelien contain different alkaloids, particularly of Lobelin. All Lobelien is poisonous.


Mexican shrub Lobelie (Lobelia laxiflora):

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