Lockout is the English expression for lockout. It is occasionally used in the German linguistic area, in order to designate appropriate actions in the North American professional haven, for example in the NBA or NHL.

A Lockout is an action on the part of the owners of team in the US sport (similar the German lockout in the right to strike). Differently than in Europe fundamental contract details between players and associations are prepared by a player trade union and a representative of the league associations. Among other things content upper limits and solicitor-genuine the player are specified there. Ability the parties do not agree, can come it to the strike of individual players or the league can a Lockout impose, then it can come to a shortened play time, or to a refusal.


  • in the NHL:
    • 1994/95 - While that today “Lockout Season” season mentioned could not the team owners and the player trade union NHLPA on the renewal of the NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement agree. All 38 interconference plays failed therefore and the regular play season had only 48 plays. The European clubs profited from this Lockout, because many NHL players played meanwhile in Europe.
    • 2004/05 - Since that 15. September 2004 was clear that also the season 2004/05 would take place at the most strongly shortened, why also in this season many NHL professionals changed to European associations. To 16. February 2005 communicated the NHL Commisioner (representative) even the complete season refusal to Gary Bettman. Since then there were new negotiations between NHL and NHLPA, in order to be able to deliver the next season completely. These negotiations were to 13. July also with success crowned, both parties agreed. There are details for agreement in this Wikinews article.
  • In the NBA:
    • 1998/99 - The season began only at the beginning of of February 1999 and had of 82 to 50 plays to be shortened. The Allstar Game, which normally takes place in the middle of February, failed. The NBA professionals refused also the service in the national team, then the USA had to begin with the basketball world championship 1998 with players from lower leagues (CBA and college).

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