Lod (hebr.: לוד; arab.: اللد aluminium-Ludd) is a city in central Israel of about 20 kilometers east of Tel Aviv at the river Ajalon. In former times the city had the name Lydda. In September 2003 Lod had scarcely 66,700 inhabitants.

history and meaning

Lod already was by its situation at the road from Jaffa to Jerusalem in the antique one an important traffic junction.

After Biblical representation (1. Book of the chronicle 8, 12) was created Lod with the colonization of the Israeliten by the trunk Benjamin. After the destruction by the Assyrer Lod became in 5. Century v.Chr. again and received in the following century settles the name Lydda by the settlement from Greeks.

The Apostelgeschichte (chapter. ) it reports 9, 32 that Petrus in Lod healed a man. In the year 67 the Romans took the city in and designated them in Diospolis (city of the Zeus) over.

Starting from that 4. Century was Lod predominantly like a Christian. Meaning had the city as birth and funeral place holy George, who takes a special position also in the Islam. In the city a Byzantine Basilika was established, which was however destroyed.

With the establishment of the neighbouring Ramla in the year Lod at meaning lost 717 by the Arabs, because Ramla ascended to the capital of the administrative province. With the beginning of the cross driver time in Lod in the old place a church was established again; after the fall of the cross driver realm the Muslims beside the church built „the aluminium-Chudr-mosque “. Today 19 is in the building complex the end . Century again developed George church and the mosque mentioned.

Admits is Lod particularly by the Ben Gurion airport, which is in the proximity.

today's city

in the British mandate time had been already put on north of Lod the Ben Gurion airport, which became after the establishment of the state Israel the civilian airport. During the Palestine war most Arab inhabitants left the city; however Lod to today a comparatively large Arab population portion has. The population is Muslim to 80.3% Jewish, 18.6% and 1.1% Christian.

sons and daughters of the city


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