Lohengrin is a romantic opera of the German composer smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Wagner. It is considered as its märchenhafteste opera and plays before a historical background (Brabant in the first half 10. Century). The premiere was to 28. August 1850 in Weimar in the grossherzoglichen yard theatre.

Table of contents


  • Heinrich of the Vogler, German king (bass)
  • Lohengrin, Gralsritter and son Parzivals (tenor)
  • Elsa of Brabant (Sopran)
  • Friedrich of Telramund, brabantischer count (Bariton)
  • Ortrud,Friedrichs wife (dramatic Sopran, often occupied with Mezzosopranistinnen)
  • the Heerrufer of the king (Bariton)
  • four brabantische noble ones (two tenor, two basses)
  • four noble boys (two Soprane, two alto)
  • duke Gottfried, Elsas brother (mute role)


the action plays at present king Heinrichs I.(the Voglers) in the duchy Brabant. (Actually it came to the establishment of this duchy only some decades later, the action does this however no abort.)

it is tried the time of the military conflict with the Hungary and king Heinrich to induce the regional principalities to it itselfto take part in the forthcoming fights. Therefore he came also to Brabant (come I to you now, men of Brabant, to the Heeresfolg' to Mainz you to entbieten), which in view of its that the Kriegsgefahr concerns the eastern Gefilde of the realm, Brabant however in the extremeThe west is convenient, a politically delicate mission represents (whether east, whether west applies, for all directly: which German country is called, place combat crowds) and is historically also not correct. These historical basic conditions are intending for far parts of the entire action.

playand first elevator

at the beginning of the opera we experience however already in music completely different world. That play kidnaps us into the realm of the Gral, the musical topic is far away in A major held.

This contrasted then with a quite positive, strong however just as terrestrial C major at the beginning of the first elevator. The Heerrufer quits the arrival king Heinrichs on (counts, noble ones, free one of Brabant hears: Heinrich the German king came to the place, with you to hire to the realm right - give your now Fried' and consequence to the requirement?) Heinrich, which would like to as mentioned actually organize an army course, experiences now from Friedrich, count von Telramund that the duke of Brabant deceased and its both children (Elsa, the virgin and Gottfried, which boys) the Obhut Telramunds entrusted.Gottfried had disappeared for frightening Telramunds and in Telramund the conviction had then formed that Elsa was for this responsible, by killing Gottfried. Telramund solved thereupon the engagement (the right to their hand, of the father me lent, entsagt' I willingly there andgladly) and the last Nachfahrin of the Friesen ground itself with Ortrud. It was however Ortrud, which had in-whispered Telramund, it observed, how Elsa had drowned its brother in the Weiher. Telramund complains Elsa of the brother murder on and continues to explain that him then also thoseAre entitled:This country nevertheless sprech' I for me on with good reason, there I the next one of the duke blood. My woman in addition from the sex, which gave once also this landing its to princes.

Elsa denies the act, so that a God court must decide.Elsa had dreamed, their becomes of God of an envoy Streiter before the side. After it the king reported of this dream and the Heerrufer called to the God court, Lohengrin, the son of the Gralskönigs Parzival appears actual on a Nachen, that by a swanone pulls. It defeats Telramund in the duel and gets engaged with Elsa, for which it makes condition, to never ask “from where I came the travel, still like my Nam' and kind”. With this condition it acts certainly, as we later in the context of the Gralserzählungare experienced, not around a vain Anwandlung Lohengrins, but around a Gralsgesetz, which the knight must pass on to his wife.

Telramund is entehrt by the defeat in the duel. Lohengrin would be justified to kill it done without on that however: By God victory your life is now mine- I schenk' it you, mögst you the Reu' it weih'n.

second elevator

at the beginning of the second elevator succeeds it to Ortrud again to convince Telramund of the fact that injustice is done to him and Lohengrin has the duel only with the help of a charmto win can. At the same time states Ortrud, which charms will by Lohengrin is taken, if him only the smallest Körperglied, and if it only one finger were point, would entrissen. In addition Ortrud gives itself apparently regretful opposite Elsa, which stands briefly before its wedding. Elsa is onlytoo gladly ready to forgive all and also Ortrud. In a confidential discussion Ortrud suggests darkly, it can a dark fate be, from which Lohengrin is forced to hide its names. Elsa points all doubt from itself, without itself in the long run completely of it releasesto be able.

The scene changes and we hears, how the Heerrufer summons the Brabanter together and them announced that Telramund require, like it the laws, “because untreu' it the God fight” daringly, which purged to realm eight. The “stranger, God envoy man” however is with the duchy Brabant belehntbecome:But the hero does not want to be duke mentioned; you are to be called it “Schützer of Brabant “. The Heerrufer continues and announces that Lohengrin will grind itself still on the same day with Elsa, over on the next day together with the Brabantern to the kingto follow on the war course.

At the edge of the scene we observe ourselves a small handful of dissatisfied around Telramund crowds, which do not want to see that they are to pull because of the spatially removed threat into the war.

third elevator

Elsa is ground with Lohengrin.In the wedding night it comes thus also to the first confidential discussion of the two, which does not take place against contemporary productions by any means in the bride bed, but on a sofa in the Gemach of the two. Elsa wants to insure Lohengrin that she would hold also to him if Ortruds suspicionwould apply. Lohengrin would like to calm it down and avowedly truthfully that no mischief had threatened him (no lot in God far worlds than my was called probably nobler: To me the king offered his crown, I might it with good reason verschmähn. The einz'ge, which is worth my victim, must I in your dear desire).

Elsa however cannot calm down. Full fear, Lohengrin once to regret, as much in order ihretwillen to have given up, asks it the knight for its name. In this moment Telramund penetrates it into the Gemach and comes to a new editionthe fight, in whose process Lohengrin Telramund kills.

On Lohengrins go-eat meet the noble Brabants before the king. It reports to the king in the well-known Gralserzählung of its name and its transmission as well as the further happening and explains, at the same time now, after Elsa the fateful questionplaced, not longer in Brabant to stay and in particular the campaign not to lead not be able. The king, who can do nothing for the whole however, is compensated by a victory over the Hungary:But, large king, let me you say: You pure one is a large victoryverliehn. To Germany still hordes/hurdles are victoriously never ziehn in furthest days of the east. Turned at Elsa Lohengrin continues to report that it would have required only a yearly of trusting marriage between them, and Gottfried would have returned to Brabant.

Despite Elsas Flehen and the king urge may Lohengrin do not remain. The swan returns and pulls again the punt. In terrible triumph Ortrud proclaims, she probably recognized the swan as the disappeared Gottfried:“At the chaining flax, which I wound around him, I probably saw who that swan: it is that inheritanceof Brabant! “

On Lohengrins prayer is released Gottfried already now, still before expiration of the period of one year, the punt, as Lohengrin “separates infinitely sadly” (instruction for direction), is home-pulled by a pigeon. Ortrud sinks with a proclamation entseelt (=tot) to soil, Elsa dies at psychological exhaustion.

The music of theWork however an indication sounds in Dur, that beyond the strict laws of the Grals also for Lohengrin and Elsa a luckier remeeting may wait.

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