Lois Lowry

Lois Lowry (* 20. March 1937 on Hawaii) is an authoress of numerous child and youth books, like e.g. Guardian of the memory (English. The Giver).

Their father was a military dentist, who moved frequently. Lowry is among other things grown up in New York and Tokyo. At the age of 19 years she married an officer.


of works (selection)

  • “Anastasia with the 15 summer rungs”
  • “Anastasia neck over head”
  • “Anastasia with the pink wart”
  • “Anastasia not to brake”
  • “Anastasia, always to services”
  • “Anastasia and Dr. Freud "
  • “Anastasia fully in the stress”
  • “Anastasia does not want highly outside”
  • “on the search for the blue” (“Gathering blue”)
  • “Carol & Phil and the chaos takes its run”
  • “Carol & Phil and the uncanny Mister F.”
  • “autumn route”
  • “guardian of the memory” (“The Giver”)
  • “I knows, who I am”
  • “my quiet friend”
  • “OSCAR. A dog bites itself through "
  • “summers, last year”
  • “of summer friends”
  • “which counts the stars” (“NUMBER the of star”)

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