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Lolicon (jap. ロリコン rorikon) an abbreviation of the term Lolita is - complex (ロリータ ・ コンプレックス rorīta konpurekkusu). In Japan both sexually explicit representations of fictitious girls under age are named with one to appearance-end age by 8 to 13 years and the sexual adjustment on it.

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„Lolita Complex “than „Lolico n “one shortens, since in the Japanese phonology no END exists „to m “, but a END „n “. Other foreign words, which on „- m “end, in the same way are often changed. A pure transliteration of the word is rorikon.

The original meaning of the word in the Japanese does not only refer to designs. „Loli “does not only designate Manga, but any representations of girls, including photo picture volumes and videos. Lolicon can refer in addition, to persons, who feel sexually drawn to fictitious or material girls under age, and is therefore a synonym for Pädophile.

In the western world the word has a somewhat modified meaning, similarly different Japanese words as Anime, Manga and Hentai. In this case Lolicon designates a category of Hentai, Anime and Manga, which show sexual or erotische representations of persons under age.


a thesis for the origin of the Lolicon - category it is that by the prohibition to show shame hair many draughtsmen their characters look young, and simply away left the shame hair. When the prohibition at the beginning of the 90's was waived, the representation of small girls (and boys) had developed already to its own category, and until today held themselves.


  • Toddlercon is a further western word; it essentially designates Lolicon, the very young girls up to the infant age (English. represent more toddler). This Subgenre was created, in order to differentiate evenly this from „normal Lolicon to, since many trailers of the Lolicon feel sexual representations of infants as tasteless.

Furthermore still the Shotacon stands - for category (illustrations of boys under age and/or. the sexual adjustment on it) in purchase to Lolicon, is however rather the counterpart in addition as a Subgenre.


although Japan one the largest Lolicon - producers and - of markets of the world is, gives it no references on the fact that the number of sexual encroachments was increased opposite children thereby. Open handling Lolicon seems however the freiwillige prostitution of persons under age, usually pupils, to favour (Enjokōsai).

Lolicon is freely available in Japan under the edition of all pornographischer media (not youth-free, censoring the sex parts of etc.) (see change of the censorship).

The question, whether Lolicon - or a spare action for realizing the Lolicon - lowers materials the restraining threshold of encroachments on children is Fetisches, is still point at issue of many discussions between trailers and critics of the category.

Many western countries have also still no clear definition or laws, which regulates the status of such material (see legal situation).

change of the censorship

printed media

to mark is that many Dōjinshi, which are sold on Conventions do thus no largecommercial selling to have, without censorship completely. In addition „Underground come “- publications, which are sold mostly under the hand, which ignored more jeher the censorship since. Since this struck itself in certain way on the sales figures „more normally “publications, the degree of the censorship in the process of the time was ever more weakened and decreased. Thus it handed still at the beginning of the 90's of a large black circle, which took off the entire Lendengegend (very rarely also a mosaic), served one itself in the course of the time of black, white or grey bars or circles, which covered only „the most important “( Klitoris and Glans penis). Then these bars became later halftransparent and so small that one hardly still recognized them. Meanwhile the censorship is omitted also into by large publishing houses to publish printed media, e.g. some publications of the Mangaka Nekogen, Ogawa Kanran, Hoshino Fuuta, although the law is always still effective to the censorship.


contrary to the printed media one works in animated materials almost exclusively with mosaics, similarly however the size of the mosaics clearly smaller became, and also the mosaic density was refined, so that one can recognize with same mosaic size of more details. In addition, meanwhile in some publications the censorship is here already omitted completely.

Since censored Hentai sells itself outside of Japan badly, many (particularly for the selling in America thought) films were unzensiert again presented, those were RH-imported to a large extent by Japanese despite prohibition ([1]). This procedure pushed the producers to reduce the degree of the censorship always further.

computer graphics

the common censorship of computer graphics (often with “CG “shortened) is likewise the mosaic. Particularly in Hentaispielen it was usual to go around the censorship in such a way that the picture was unzensiert, and during the play a mosaic was only over-put. This function could often be turned off with an unofficial Patch, which one could downloaden oneself from the Internet.

Meanwhile very frequently Gmask ([2]) is used for the censorship. A certain range of the picture is made unrecognizable for the human eye, in which the colors of the pixels are changed after a certain sample (password). This censorship can be cancelled, if one knows the used password. This procedure is comparable with the coding of archive files.

legal situation


are subject to Germany Pornografi representations, which have the sexual abuse from children to the article, in accordance with § 184b. 1 StGB an absolute spreading prohibition - even if they show a fikitives happening. Both spreading and accessible making and appropriate preparatory acts are punished with imprisonment from three months to five years. Corresponding also the sales of pornografischer Dōjins , which belong to this category, is - for instance on Conventions - forbidden. The possession of representations, which show only a fictitious and no actual or realistic happening (see. § 184b exp. 4 StGB), is not illegal against it.

other countries

in Japan are drawn Lolicon - representations legally, so long no material children (e.g. Child Models) as model serve. Since differentiated 2000 between Lolicon and child pornography distinktiv, since the latter was illegalisiert.

Many countries have a not completely clear legal situation, which concerns Lolikon. So e.g. are. in Great Britain, Canada and the Netherlands „realistic representations of children in sexual actions or floats “as „virtual child pornography “forbade, but in what respect Lolikon falls under this definition, it is not exactly clarified yet.

In February 2005 a man from Edmonton (Canada) was arrested because of suspicion on import of child pornography ([3], [4]). He wanted to import 15 Lolicon of books. He was condemned to a fine and a non-profit work and taken up for 5 years to the sexual criminal list. The Canadian press confounded or sense-disfigured however - this profession unaquainted - many terms. Thus it e.g. meant. in the Edmonton Sun: „Anime is illegaly in Canada, but not illegal in Japan and the United States “([5]).

In the USA became from the highest Court of Justice in the Ashcroft vs. Free Speech Coalition procedure decided that Lolicon falls under „Free Speech “, and is thus legal. Thus became briefly before the issued Amber Alert law, which differentiated not between „more virtually “and „material “child pornography, when unconstitutional explains ([6]). In April 2004 a 53-jähriger man from smelling moon was condemned, because he looked at himself Lolicon of pictures at a public computer of a labour office and he was discovered thereby ([7]). To it it is to be said however that he dispatched and received also genuine Kinderpornos at the same computer.

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