London Borough OF Greenwich

of these articles treats the Londoner quarter Greenwich, for further meanings sees Greenwich.

London Borough OF Greenwich ([ˈgrɛnɪtʃ] or [ˈgrɪnɪtʃ]) is an urban district of London and lies in the east of the city. It developedthe establishment of Greater London in the year 1965 from the union of the districts Greenwich and Woolwich of the former County OF London.

Greenwich is internationally well-known. There Heinrich VIII. stood beside the 1515 furnished yard hofschmiede of king.and a naval academy1675 created Royal the Greenwich Observatory, an observatory, whose location was determined 1884 as Nullmeridian of the international coordinate system. After Greenwich the Greenwich Mean Time was designated - this was universal before introduction of the Coordinated Time the generally valid World time. The geographical situation of the observatory is 51°28'38 " N - 0°0'0 " O/W. Greenwich was taken up 1997 to the UNESCO - world cultural heritage.

The football stadium The Valley is appropriate somewhat east away and is the homeland Prime Minister of the League - association CharltonAthletic fiber plastic.

The district is 47.35 km ² largely and has 221,431 inhabitants (2002). The population builds itself up as follows: 77.1% white, 6.8% south Asians, 11.1% black and 1.2% Chinese.

Royal Greenwich Observatory
Royal Greenwich Observatory

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objects of interest

Queen Mary Building des Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich
Queen Mary Building of the oldRoyal Naval college in Greenwich

of quarters

  • Abbey
  • Abbey Wood
  • Blackheath park
  • Charlton
  • Eltham
  • Greenwich
  • Kidbrooke
  • new Charlton
  • Plumstead
  • Shooter's Hill
  • Thamesmead (western part)
  • Woolwich


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