London Eye

London Eye summer 2004
London Eye at night

London Eye “is with a height of 135,36 m at present highest ferris wheel of Europe. The close Westminster Bridge is located in the center of London on the south bank of the Themse. The ferris wheelby the architects David Marks and Julia Barfield in co-operation with British Airways was sketched. The opening took place 1999, for visitors due to of technical problems however only in March 2000. Originally the inventors had submitted, here their idea with the competition for the Millenniums celebrationsit had been however rejected.

London Eye possesses 32 nearly completely caps formed out of glass, in which in each case up to 25 persons find place. The wheel turns with a speed of 0,26 m/s and needs for a revolution 30 minutes. Are the visibilitiesoptimally, one can see Windsor far from the ferris wheel up to 40 km, up to the something outside of convenient lock. Axis of rotation and supports of the ferris wheel were supplied by the Czech mechanical engineering company Škoda.

London Eye counts approximately 15,000 visitors per day. From morning to nightthe wheel does not stop normally, since the guests can do simply zusteigen due to the small speed. Exceptions are made for severely disabled ones. An adult pays 13 for a round travel £. For a premature registration one time must be indicated.

Up to 4. January 2006 was thatLondon Eye also the highest ferris wheel of the world, was replaced however then by a new 160 meters high ferris wheel in Nanchang (China). In Berlin a ferris wheel is planned by over 175 meters height.

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