Londoner minutes

the term Londoner minutes we for different agreements uses:

acknowledgment of the State of Greece 1830

the sovereignty of Greece becomes at the 3. February 1830 with the Londoner minutes ratifies.

agreement over the status of the Danish total state 1852

as „Londoner minutes “admits become international-law contract is second minutes, there first already to 2. August 1850 ratified by the German great powers Austria and Prussia was. To 8. May 1852 followed the second, actual Londoner minutes, which by the five European great powers England, France, Russia, Prussia and Austria as well as two Baltic Sea powers Sweden and Denmark were recognized.

In it the integrity of the Danish total state was held as European necessity and constant principle “. Therefore the three duchies Schleswig , Holstein and Lauenburg were connected in personnel union with the Danish king. For this purpose also the succession in the three duchies was changed, there for Friedrich VII. by Denmark had remained childless and in the consequence a dynasty change lined up (due to the different hereditary rights of Denmark and the duchies these would have another head than the Danish state received). Also it was noted that the duchies were to left as independent units and Schleswig is to be bound constitutionally not more closely at Denmark than Holstein.

The great powers wanted to guarantee above all that the important war harbor Kiel did not fall into Prussian hands, Denmark a warranty for its territory. 11 years later the present Treaty did not become the trip for the GermanDanish war of 1864, in which Prussia and Austria pounded on the adherence to the contract, Denmark it however because of a condition conflict longer to keep could.

agreement the allied Great Britain, Russia & the USA 1944

to 12. Septembers 1944 advise the three allied, as they want to proceed with Germany in accordance with the war. Germany should within the borders of 31. Decembers 1937 remain. It should be divided however in three zones of occupation. France was not also included at that time into the considerations.


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