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of these articles acts of the island in the Federal State New York. For the Inselgruppe of the Bahamas see Long Iceland (the Bahamas); For the volcanic island with new Guinea see Long Iceland; For the city in Virginia see Long Iceland (Virginia).
Lage der Insel

Long Iceland [ˌlɑːŋˈaɪlənd] („long island “) is an island, which belongs to the US Federal State New York. It is located at the east coast of North America, is about 190 km long and through-measures width between 20 and 32 kilometers. The surface amounts to 3,566 km ², which approximately the surface Mallorcas corresponds. The island an ice-age Moräne, which to a large extent sandige, loose and rocky (less Urgesteins, is geologically seen) soils exhibits.

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you extends from the portsthe city New York into the northern Atlantic. In the north lies the Long Iceland sound, which separates the island from Connecticut and Rhode Island. In the south the Great South Bay and Jamaica Bay, smaller islands lies surrounds the coastal line.

Long Iceland is infour Counties divided. The two Counties in the western part of the island, Kings County and Queens County, are identical to New Yorker quarters the Brooklyn and Queens; east of it Nassau County, in the middle part of the island, closes and Suffolk County, in the eastern part,on. The inhabitants of the city New York apply the term Long Iceland or the Iceland (“the island “) only to the Counties Nassau and Suffolk lain outside of the city boundaries.


the east, where the island in two Ausläufern, the so-called“Forks”, ends, is partly still agrarianeconomically used. The northern Ausläufer ends at its point with the “Orient POINT”. Here are many vineyards and horticulture enterprises.

In the southern Ausläufer, which ends at the “Montauk POINT”, the area of the “Hamptons” is with the name relatives cities Southampton, BridgeHampton and East Hampton. The “Hamptons” is a trip goal of the New Yorker ones popular because of its beaches. Star and wealthy New Yorker ones established themselves here.Fishing is operated on Long Iceland as an important industry.

Since the Second World War Long Iceland is however ever strongersettled and so an urban character received. In the year 2000 Suffolk, the easternmost district of the island, lived more than one million humans in the district; the total population of the island with Brooklyn and Queens covers more than 8 million inhabitant.

Map of 1661
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on the island are several airports. The largest among them is the international airport John F lain in the south of the island. Kennedy (JFK) in Queens/New York. Likewise in Queens/New York, however in the north of the island, is the smaller airport LaGuardia air haven(LGA). Further smaller, mainly airports used for Innlandsflüge are evenly distributed over the whole island. To call here e.g. is. the airport Macarthur (ISL) in Islip.

The road system on Long Iceland is particularly in the west, in New Yorker quarters the Queens and Brooklyn muchclose. As a main traffic vein the inter+done route 495 of New York town center in the west pulls itself until Riverhead in the east in the midst of by the island. The roads are free of charge, with exception of the bridges in the west as well as the bridge after Fire Iceland with its beach inThe south. Here are due a few dollar, in order to be able to cross the bridges.

From ports car ferries operate to the neighbouring mainland. With the inhabitants a trip with the car ferry from haven Jefferson is popular after Bridgeport/Connecticut. During a planned travel from the north to New York town centerclose traffic before the gates of New York town center can be gone around, by by Connecticut with the ferry after Long Iceland one sets, in order to then arrive from the east into the metropolis inside.

domicile for artists…

Long Iceland is alsoliterature-historically of importance. The poet roll Whitman in the year 1819 in west Hills one bore. In Glen Cove in the year 1937 Thomas Pynchon one bore. The writer F. Scott Fitzgerald lived starting from 1922 on Long Iceland; here it also the title figure of its novel The settledGreat Gatsby on. John Steinbeck spent its last Lebensjahre in says Harbor. Swiss writer max of freshness lived one weekend with a woman in the small village Montauk at the east point of Long Iceland and described this in its auto+biographic narration of the same name. Into the 1960erYears divided the writer Philip Roth and the draughtsman Tomi Ungerer a holiday house on Long Iceland.

… and wealthy one

the north coast of the island of Glen Cove, over Oyster Bay after Huntington Bay, applies for the 1910er years as gold Coast, since many New Yorker millionaires large countryseats could be particularly built here. Among other things the second largest private house America is, the 1919 to 1921 Oheka Castle with 125 rooms, delighted by Otto Hermann punt, in Huntington. The architect Stanford White was end 19. Centurya preferential building master for this kind of upper layer countryseats of the New Yorker High Society.

Coordinates: 40° 48? 29 " N, 73° 16? 39 " W


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