Lorenz Böhler

Lorenz Böhler (* 15. January 1885 in Wolfurt, Vorarlberg; † 20. Jänner 1973 in Vienna) was a Austrian surgeon.

It is considered as a creator of the modern accident surgery. He was director/conductor late Lorenz plank run drop hospital of the AUVA designated after him in the Lorenz Böhler lane likewise designated after him in 20. Viennese municipality district. The hospital led by it was considered long time as sample to similar hospitals world-wide. In addition it created also the rehabilitation center Stoll yard in monastery new castle.

Böhler developed also special working methods with fractures.

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the fascination of the medicine was released by the radiograph of the hand of the Mrs. Wilhelm Conrad of X-raying as at that time eleven-year old. 1904 it begins its medicine study. After the study it begins after one year as a ship's doctor, 1913 as Sekundarazt in Tet at the Elbe. In the First World War he becomes director/conductor of a military hospital and develops this to a special station for fractures. 1917 were born its son and later specialist for accident surgery , Jörg Böhler. 1925 are opened the later Lorenz Böhler hospital on its idea of the AUVA. 1929 it brings its book out concerning the technology of the fracture treatment, which is translated soon into all usual languages.


  • the technology of the fracture treatment, 3 volumes, 1951-63

gypsum federation of the trunk the called Böhlergips is used also today still gladly with some breaks of the Lendenwirbelsäule and the lower chest spinal column.


  • I. Lehner, L. Böhler. The history of a success, 1991.

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