Das Wappen der Familie von Bülow mit dem Pirol (fr. Loriot) als Wappentier auf dem Helm
the coat of arms of the family of Bülow with the Pirol (fr. Loriot) as a coat of arms animal on the helmet

Loriot (* 12. November 1923 in Brandenburg to the Havel), born as Bernhard Victor Christoph Carl von Bülow, briefly Vicco ofBülow, Professor. Dr. h.c., are a German Komiker, draughtsman, a writer, an actor and a director.

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Bülow comes of an old Mecklenburgian aristocracy sex and is the son of police major Johann Albrecht von Bülow (1899-1972) and its first wife Charlotte of Roeder (1899-1929). The marriage of parents became to 26.July 1928 in Gleiwitz (Schlesien) divorced.

Vicco of Bülow married to 8. May 1951 in Hamburg Nienstedten the fashion designer rose Marie Schlumbom (* 22. June 1929 in Manila, the Philippines). She is the daughter of the buyer Peter Schlumbom andhis Mrs. Frieda kiss.


Bülow grew younger brother Johann Albrecht with its one year since 1931 (?) with grandmother and great-grandmother up, which had a dwelling in Berlin together (diagonally opposite, so Loriot, would have Weizsäckers used, butthe later Federal President, at that time about ten years old, was not noticeable to him).

1938 drew the family to Stuttgart. There Bülow visited a human High School, which he left 1941 seventeen-year old with emergency Abitur. It began an officer career according to the family tradition. Subsequently, a three-year military employment at the east front in the Soviet Union followed. In a Talkshow reported of Bülow years ago, how on the advance in the Caucasus the meeting with camels impressed it at that time.

After the Second World War he workedbriefly as Holzfäller in Lower Saxony, 1946 he put down the full Abitur.

On recommending the father it studied painting and diagram at the academy of arts ( national art school) in Hamburg from 1947 to 1949.

After the conclusion Bülow put firstForwards and the characteristic „tuber nose male invented work as advertising commercial artists “. Starting from 1950 Bülow was active as Cartoonist first for that Hamburg magazinesthe road “, in the connection for the star. Since this time it used the artist name Loriot, those French designation of the Pirols, the coat of arms animal of the family of Bülow. Pirol is at the same time the French translation for the bird Bülow, which admits in this country also under the name gold blackbird is.

Further work for conception of the world and Quick followed. The orders were however only in each case from short duration (he drew for example only seven consequences for the “star”).

In the consequence Loriot tried to bring its designs out as book; various German publishers (among other things Ernst Rowohlt) did not show interest.Only Swiss Diogenes publishing house assured. 1954 appeared there Loriots first own Cartoonband (come on the dog).

1959 had Loriot a smaller role than actors in Bernhard Wickis film the bridge, 1962 were it again alsoa mini role as a reporting officer in Andrew Martons war film the longest day represent.

1967 changed the medium for Loriot: It moderated first the television broadcast Cartoon for the pool of broadcasting corporations, which it answered for also as author and a CO director. Loriots initially pure presentation becameincreasingly to an independent humoristic element of the transmission; besides Loriot brought in soon own Zeichentrickfilme and left thereby artistically the close basic conditions, which the medium magazine had imposed upon to its designs.

1971 created Loriot with the indication trick dog Wum a Maskottchen forthe action concern child in that Second Channel of German Television - Quizshow three times nine, to which it lent also the voice. Christmas 1972 Wum became then to the singing star: With the title I wünsch' me 'ne small Miezekatze was so successful it thathe for nine weeks the point of the German hit parade stopped. It acted with Wums singing over of Bülows speech singing. Wum remained also in the follow-up transmission the large price into the 1990er years inside as Pausencartoon, soonalready as duo as well as the elephant Wendelin and later with the “blue Klaus”, an extraterrestial one, with its saucer in-floats. All Sketche was written spoken of Loriot, drawn and and ended themselves with a request of the spectators, onto take part the television Lotterie. So that the spectators did not forget this request, Wum made itself a knot in its Schlappohr, Wendelin interlocked its trunk and both discharged itself with a kiss mouth of the public. With the end of the large price endedalso the adventures of Wum and Wendelin. Today Wum and Wendlin on the last side of the gong are to be seen.

1976 developed the six-part TV serial Loriot, in which he both drawn as well as Sketche even played (the latter often togetherwith its Partnerin Evelyn Hamann) present. This Sketche attained a legendary fame in Germany, still 25 years later regularly was repeated and is in the meantime completely on DVD available.

Special loving connects Loriot also with the classical music and the opera. 1982 it directed the humoristic fixed concert to the 100sten birthday of the citizens of Berlin Philharmonics, with whose history it is connected by family relations also (Hans's von Bülow, the first principal conductor of the Philharmonics, was more distantRelated of Loriot). Its telling version of Camille Saint Saëns ' Karneval of the animals specified Loriot repeated with the Scharoun ensemble , a chamber music ensemble from musicians of the citizens of Berlin Philharmonics. As an opera director produced Loriot Friedrich of Flotows Martha (Stuttgart) and Carl Maria ofWeber that free contactor (Ludwigsburg).

1988 turned Loriot as author, director and a leading actor the film Ödipussi, 1990 followed then Pappa ante Portas.

Loriot is since 2001 an honour doctor of the Bergi University of Wuppertal, carrier of the large Distinguished Service Cross alsoStar (1998), the Bavarian earnings/service medal (1980) as well as some television, film and different culture prices (Telestar 1986, Critici in erba 1986, golden canvas). It became 1993 honour citizens of the cities Brandenburg to the Havel and Münster as well as in its Wahlheimat Münsing at the Starnberger lake. It is member of the Bavarian academy of the beautiful arts (since 1993) and member of the academy of the arts (Berlin) (since 1997). In June 2003 he became a fee professor at the university of the arts Berlin for the subject of theatre arts.To 30. It received the Jacob Grimm price to October 2004.

In April 2006 Loriot communicated to withdraw itself as televisioncreative since its opinion after in this medium because of the developed Schnelllebigkeit no humoristic quality was to be obtained more.

Artistic handwriting

its works concern themselves mainly with interhuman communication disturbances. (Loriot: “Communication-disturbed interest me very most. Everything which I as amusing feel, develop from zerbröselten communication, from which together by talk.").

Its Cartoons live the represented by the contrast betweenSituation, thereby to look carried became the tuber nose males and the legend texts. One of these elements falls always from the framework, for instance the legend text „we demands the equal rights between man and woman, even if the baby thereby temporarily in weightto lose “, under the representation one should distinguiert itself an infant to the chest legend knollennasigen gentlemen. Topics of the Cartoons are in particular the everyday life life, scenes from family and the civil society.

Also in its films and Sketchen Loriot shows to a certain extentthe “bravery” of humans, who prevent a disaster (or at least the destructive outbreak of aggressions) in the most diverse situations only by their politeness.

Loriots enormous popularity, its accurate language and Komik, which however never work hurting, led to the fact thatsome of its formulations and inventions in the German linguistic area common property/knowledge became. In addition belong reliably the yodelling diploma, the stone louse and the Kosakenzipfel, in addition, sentences like „there one has which own! “, „Please you say to now nothing… “or thatlaconic „oh which! “.


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