Lorne Greene

Lorne Greene (* 12. February 1915 in Ottawa; † 11. September 1987 in Santa Monica) was a Canadian actor.

Greene, which descended from Eastern European-Jewish immigrants, began during the study with the looking plaything. Its sonore voice gave it the possibility of working in the national Canadian radio CBC (“Canadian Broadcasting corporation”) as newscasters and it became fast chief speaker of the CBC and the most popular newscaster in Canada. During the Second World War Greene “The Voice OF Canada” was called. He already at that time spoke the comment to numerous documentary films, an activity, which should accompany him its whole career.

Into the 1950er years went it into the USA, in order to make in Hollywood career as Filmschauspieler. First it played smaller roles in B-Movies, but it received its chance with beginning of a TV serial, which became the most successful in the history of the US-American television. It received the role of the Ben Cartwright in the TV serial Bonanza to 1959. The role of the father of the Cartwright - it played family up to the attitude of the series of 1973 and Greene remained connected on always with this role. Even large success with combat star Galactica (1980) as feature and series could not tie to the success of Bonanza.

1964 were published the LP Welcome ton the Pond-pink. For the album Lorne Greene took up the Song Ringo and obtained thereby an international hit and best-seller (the USA place 1, UK place 22).

In the German synchronization the prominent film and stage actor Friedrich Schütter ( 1921 - 1995) borrowed Greene its salient voice.

Lorne Greene died at the age of 72 years at heart failure after a pneumonia.

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