Highway (film) draws

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of German titles: Highway original title
draws: Highway production country
draws: The USA
feature year: 1997
length (PAL - DVD): 129 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 16
direction: David lynch
film script: David lynch
Barry GIF Ford
production: Deepak Nayar
Tom star mountain
Mary Sweeney
music: Angelo Badalamenti
camera: Peter Deming
cut: Mary Sweeney

draws to Highway is a film of the director David lynches from the year 1997. He draws out by a nonlineare telling way and mixes elements for classical film of the Noir with those of the Surrealismus.


different interpretations are possible for interpretation for the cyclic action.

The saxophonist Fred Madison sees in his Mrs. Renee the devil (one represents) by the Mystery and increases into racing jealousy inside. He commits a murder at his wife and moves into the death cell. It dies a pact with the devil, whereby it tapers and gets as another humans, Pete Dayton, a second chance. In its second attempt it misjudges however that it let in itself the devil (Alice, the hydrogen-blond counterpart to the schwarzhaarigen Renee) and lands again at the starting point.

The elements of dreaming, the subjective perception and the nonlinear telling way used lynch also in its late produced film Mulholland drive - road of the darkness.

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produced of Trent Reznor

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