Lothar I. (France)

Lothar (* end of 941, † 2. March 986 in Laon), king of France (954-986), was the son of Ludwig IV. (Louis d'Outre Mer) and Gerbergas of Saxonia.

Lothar I. of France

on operation of its nut/mother and their brothers and sisters (Otto I., Hadwig and Bruno) became Lothar to 12. November 954 in Reims to the king selected. To count Hugo of Paris (Hugo the large one) one had left the duchies Aquitanien and Burgund for its agreement.

Only after Hugo of Paris (956), thoseNut/mother Gerberga (969) and Bruno (965) had died, could develop Lothar its own policy. He knew around the large influence of the counts of Paris and could step them only in connection with other Magnaten against. For this reason it stepped oneCoalition of the counts von Vermandois and Flanders.

Again the old Lotharingien was the Zankapfel, which called Germany on the plan. Emperor Otto II. brother Karl had appointed Lothar's the duke of Niederlothringen. Lothar made therefore his requirement clear on the area and pulled 978at the point of an army to Aachen. Otto II. prepared thereupon, after the resolution of the realm meeting of Dortmund, still in the autumn of the same yearly to the counterstroke and penetrated to Paris, whereby calculated Hugo Capet the son the 956 deceased of the Hugo of Paris,Lothar largest support against Otto II. to come left, so that the German emperor had to begin the retreat. A reconciliation came off only in May 980 .

After the death of Otto II. occupied Lothar the lotharingische Verdun and could a eastFrankish aristocracy opposition against of Otto successors support.

Its ownIt let follow-up secure by the fact that it his son Ludwig V. already in June 979 to the Mitkönig to raise left. Its plans concerning Lorraine it could not realize no more, because it to 2. March 986 in Laon deceased. It became in Reims in the Basilika pc.Remi buries.

Lothar was since beginning 966 with Emma of Arles (* probably 948, † 12. October of an unknown yearly, but after December 988), the daughter of king Lothar II. by Italy and Adelheid von Burgund, marries, with whom it had two children:

beyond that had Lothar illegitimate children, under it:


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