Lothar Zirngiebl

Lothar Zirngiebl (* 5. October 1902 in freesing; † 8. July 1973 in Hildesheim) was a German Entomologe and head master.

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Lothar Zirngiebl visited the upper six-form high school in Munich, Speyer and Ludwigshafen, which planned medicine study could not it however because of a heavy health damage from the service in the First World War take up. The interest to the Entomologie owed it to its father, the study professor and upper secondary school teacher Dr. Hermann Zirngiebl. This was active for some time at the Bavarian station for plant protection and plant diseases in Weihenstephan, was concerned also later up to its death in the year 1946 still with the diseases of cultivated plants and the study of the beetles - and Blattwespenfauna.

Lothar Zirngiebl became after attendance of the teacher educational establishment (1922-1923) a teacher in Leistadt, today local part of bath Dürkheim. In its spare time he dedicated intensively entomologischen studies, undertook themselves innumerable excursion ions and recorded its nature observations with the utmost care. It specialized in the sheet wasps and published themselves numerous writings, with the way of life, which morphology and the spreading of this group of animals concerned. Due to its scientific publications he put 1936 down the talented Abitur. 1942 to 1946 it as a medical NCO and Laborant participated in the Second World War . Starting from 1949 it took up again its occupation of teacher, this time as main teacher and a head master of the recent municipality Birkenheide. it had to step 1962 because of health problems into the premature retirement and pulled after Himmelsthür with Hildesheim, the place of residence of its wife, where it died 1973. Its collection is in the zoo-logical national collection in Munich.


Zirngiebl made itself particularly earned around the study of the pfälzischen Hautflüglerfauna , even if its plan one failed „to Rheini Hymenopterenkatalogs “because of the consequences of the Second World War. In the area of the plant wasps, which he studied also by numerous breed experiments, it acquired itself an international reputation. By the cooperation at the zoo-logical collections in Frankfurt, Munich and Bremen he became an in demand connoisseur, to who from many parts of the world insects were sent for regulation. Admits became it in addition, by its descriptive, often also amusing descriptions, which are concerned with the insect life of its homeland.


Zirngiebl wrote over 80 scientific work. Some important of it are:

  • 1930: The saws of the sheet wasps, memo. D. Pollichia
  • 1936: Experimental investigations on the meaning of the Cenchri, Beitr. nat. Vigorously. Südwestd.
  • 1939: Observations to the oviposition of the sheet wasps, memo. D. Entom. Total one. 9/1940, No. 6 and. 7
  • 1953, 1954, 1957: To the Wespenfauna of the Pfalz, memo. D. Pollichia


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