the term pilot originally comes from the navigation (English. loadsman = escort man). In aviation one speaks of air traffic controllers.

Lotsenboot im Hafenkanal von Havanna.
Lotsenboot in the port channel of Havanna.

A pilot is in the navigation usually an experienced Nautiker (captain) with more practical of several yearsExperience, which so well it knows certain waters that he the leaders of ships reliably by Untiefen, past at navigation obstacles and the remaining navigation geleiten can. So seen they exercise their activity as advisors of the captain of a ship. With Lotsenbooten (international label: “PILOT”) or They are on the other hand brought to helicopters by a ship. In addition they accomplish radar consultation . But along the most important traffic routes radar chains were furnished. Pilots in the district centers observe the radar device and advise ships over radio.

By Tidenströmungen and from rivers brought in sediments change thoseDepth conditions of rivers and channels constantly. Wind, constantly changing currents, other events such as z. B. Nebulas, as well as the remaining road users affect the safe guidance of a ship at each time differently. There the major task of the pilots the protection of humans, ship and environment, as well as the supportan efficient traffic management on the water ways and in the ports, in many waters of the world the support is by a pilot is also prescribed (pilot acceptance obligation). The for this due fee depends frequently on the tonnage of the ship. Within the range of the Ems, Jade, For Unterweser and Unterelbe in particular applies the pilot acceptance obligation since 2003 to danger property. For further districts, like in the western Baltic Sea further regulations are internationally aimed at to the pilot obligation.

In Germany there are to sea and port pilots, which itself in nine pilot brother shanks (bodies of public right)organize and the pilot services on the respective district for the international sea-going vessel travel around the clock guarantee. These pilots become from the responsible national authority for the certain district, for which her were trained, after successful examination certified. Basis are the sea and/or. Port guiding laws. ThatThe sea-pilots at Elbe ( 255 are subordinate to federation; Seat Hamburg), northeast ship canal and Baltic Sea (161 in Kiel, 131 in Brunsbüttel), Weser (111 in Bremerhaven, 47 in Bremen), on Jade and Ems (35, Emden) and at the East German Baltic Sea ports Wismar, Rostock and Stralsund (30, seat into warn-flow).The numbers refer to the year 2001. For that Hamburg port (61 pilots) and Bremerhaven (23 pilots) there are the respective Land of the Federal Republic being subordinate port pilots.

Beside this sea and port pilots one still finds the term of the pilot in the sea-going vessel travel for the overseas pilot as well asin the inland waterway craft travel for the auxiliary ship leader in such a way specified. The overseas pilots support the captain of a sea-going vessel in navigation in the free sea area.

The pilots in the inland waterway craft travel take over the function of a ship leader for a limited time and distance on a certain binnenwasserstrasse (z. B. in former timesthe Rhine pilots on the central Rhine).

In the local linguistic usage one finds still the terms bosch pilots or river pilot z. B. for the sea-pilots on the distance from Brunsbüttel to Hamburg or Bremerhaven to Bremen.

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