Lou Andreas Salomé

Lou Andreas Salomé

Lou Andreas Salomé (actually “Louise”; Alias “Henry Lou”) (* 12. February 1861 in Petersburg, † 5. February 1937 in Goettingen) was a Russian-German authoress, Erzählerin, a Essayistin and a Psychoanalytikerin.

She was the daughter of a Russian general (from French-huguenot family).

1880it began in Zurich religion sciences to study philosophy and history of art. 1882 met it the philosopher Paul Rée, over whom she admits Nietz with Friedrich became. It rejected a proposal of Friedrich Nietz; as, as it also later the proposal of Rainer Maria Rilkedid not assume. She married 1887 the Iranists Friedrich Carl Andreas.

In Berlin it followed the Friedrichshagener circle and was friendly with many important personalities among other things with Gerhart captain, franc Wedekind, August Strindberg, Arthur Schnitzler, Jakob water man. Oneparticularly close friendship connected it with Rainer Maria Rilke, with whom it undertook two Russia journeys.

1911 began to deepen it with victory mouth Freud their knowledge of the psychoanalysis, after she had participated in the congress of the international Psychoanalyti combination in Weimar.

In Goettingen it operated onepsychoanalytische practice, after their man had accepted a call to the there university.

Their extensive scientific and literary work became only in the second half 20. Century sighted and edits. In their novels and narrations it treats problems of modern women, who in an tradition-arrestedEnvironment own ways to walk on try.


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